The Royal Picadilly A cuppa tea, that is. (gets? haha!) It’s funny ’cause I really got curious with British slang when I was writing this post. Check them out here and knock yourselves out. It’s an exciting list of vocabulary. Anyway, I don’t want to repeat what I said in my post here in my blog so I decided to highlight my tea experience in The Royal Piccadilly . I went to The Royal Picadilly to feature their collaboration with Bavaria beer on their acoustic night. To be honest, I was a bit uneasy going inside the pub because there were a lot of different people. I haven’t been “in touch” with people lately so it took me some time to “feel” the place. The Royal Picadilly After saying hi to the people at my table I looked around The Royal Piccadilly to take photos. I saw customers eating, conversing and having a good time. They didn’t really care about the people who came in. They just came there for the music, food, beer and company. After that realization I felt at ease. 😉 The Royal Picadilly Alot has changed since the first time I came to The Royal Piccadilly. For one there are more items on the menu, especially now that they have their world cup burgers. (Make sure you order before the month ends!) Another thing I noticed is that their walls have more decorations. Lastly, and this is a major one, the big-ass televisions around the area. The Royal Picadilly After reading their blog and clarifying with the owners I learned that The Royal Piccadilly regularly changes the design/interior of their restaurant. Also, after noticing the changes in The Royal Piccadilly I can now classify it as a British pub. Apparently, the term “pub” means public and unlike the shady and dangerous image media shows us, a pub is actually a place to eat and drink for the family. The Royal Picadilly After conversing about the owners’ experiences in Europe and eating 5 dishes in a row, we decided to mellow down with dessert and tea to cap off the night. The Royal Picadilly I had the Earl Grey cupcake to perfectly match my Earl Grey Tea. (Sorry for the blurry photo, haha) When it comes to dessert, I’m not really a fan of red velvets, chocolates and peanut butter. Instead I opt for the fruit-based flavors (banana and lemon, please!) and the unusual ones such as this. The Early Grey cupcake did not disappoint me! ❤ The Royal Picadilly While eating cupcakes we drank Twinings (Twy-nings, I keep on mispronouncing it haha!) tea. Did you know that Twinings tea is the only tea allowed in the Queen’s palace? :>

Here are the steps on how to properly serve tea :

The Royal Picadilly

The key to a perfect brew (tama ba?) are these timers. Each tea corresponds to a specific time limit.

The Royal Picadilly

 After brewing, REMOVE the tea bag and squeeze it’s final essence. Unlike what our mother does, do not reuse it. HAHA

The Royal Picadilly

Pour into the tea cup with care. Drink it as is or add sugar and…

The Royal Picadilly


The Royal Picadilly

Don’t forget to drink with your fancy finger! 😉

The Royal Picadilly And that wraps up my tea experience at The Royal Piccadilly! 

And oh, for HP lovers like me here’s a BONUS: The Royal Piccadilly serves BUTTERBEER. The Royal Picadilly

Again, as I said in my post in, I’ve been to The Royal Picadilly several times already. Aside from the fact that it’s near UP and beside Starbucks, it also serves food that I never thought I wanted, in big servings. Fish and chips, burgers and meat pies are definite winners but fried chicken, carbonara and braised lamb shank are other pub options that I’m curious to try. (Hope to try those on my next visit!) BUT aside from all the delicious things I mentioned they also have something for the dainty ladies (or wannabe dainty ladies such as I): a cup of tea and a cupcake! (2 cuppas!)



We visited The Royal Piccadilly again for Afternoon Tea last Saturday and we  loved it!!! It was around 4 pm and boyfie and I went there to have some afternoon tea (the British equivalent of our merienda, but lighter and more posh).


We ordered the Piccadilly Circus set for 335 Pesos. It includes a pot of tea, 1 mini cupcake, 1 caramel bar, 4 tea sandwiches, 2 puffins & two scones with whipped butter and Jam. The star of the set (aside from the tea) were the scones. The Royal Piccadilly‘s known for their moist scones. It’s really delicious with the butter and jam. It perfectly complements the taste of Earl Grey Tea.



We also ordered buffalo wings, coronation chicken (AKA THE BEST TRP SANDWICH EVER), a slice of Strawberry shortcake and a slice of Marjolaine cake. The coronation chicken is the perfect marriage of mango jam and curry chicken. Just imagine those tastes and textures in one bite, delicious!


The cakes were yummy as well but we had all the sweets we could handle with our Piccadilly circus set so it was a bit overwhelming for us to have two more cakes. HAHA Nonetheless, I still recommend you to try them. (And their rainbow cake which I still haven’t tried. UGH)



The owners also let us try their new iced teas (still Twinings, of course) served in Mason jars . They were very (photogenic and) delicious. My favorite is the Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin iced tea because it’s not to sweet and it has right right amount of fruity flavor and cinnamon taste that I love. For a citrusy-lemon taste which best complements the sweets , try the Green tea and Lemon tea. If you’re eating mains, the sweet Four Red Fruits iced tea is perfect for you. They’re a bit pricey, 95 Php , but it’s legitimate so it’s worth your money. 🙂 

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