I’m in my fourth year in college and a few days from now will be the start of my last semester in U.P. I am more scared than ever. I have major decisions to do and things to keep in check. Aside from my thesis, which I DO NOT want to talk about, I’m also scared of what the future will bring. I’m certainly uncertain. (mehganon) All I know is my time will end in UP soon and I have to keep my **** together. With that said, lemme give you short list of what I bought that are essential back-to-school must-haves. I guess this is my way of saying that I’m literally ready to go back to school. (but not really emotionally and psychologically ready. haha)


1.Rain-ready shoes

Since UP students have to deal with this academic calendar shift we now have to deal with starting the semester on a rainy season. (and that’s just a light issue) Okay, maybe the white slip-ons aren’t really perfect for the rainy weather but they’re hella cute and in for that normcore and lazy feels. The floral sneakers are absolutely adorable for days when you want to add spunk for your usual shirt and jeans combo. Sneakers are perfect for the rainy season because they keep your feet dry throughout the day. They’re comfortable and they come in many colors and patterns!

I got these babies for 2 for 399 at SM Department store. Yeap, a total steal!  


2. Bipolar weatherproof bottoms

The weather in Manila is unpredictable (sunny afternoon and then rainy evenings. ugh) so I think it’s perfect to wear something that’s comfortable for both sunny and rainy weather. What are they? (aside from jeans) Wide leg shorts. They come in different lengths but I chose the “almost knee” lengths so as not to be too revealing. I love these because they look like skirts (and therefore make me look girly) but they’re comfortable and laidback because they’re actually shorts. ha!

These are from Ukay Ukay, 150 all in all. YEAYUH.


3. The Backpack

I’m so glad the sporty trend is catching on because it makes my life in college much easier. Before, I had to look for bags that aren’t like my typical training bags so I bought big leather sling bags that aren’t really much help to all the things I bring to and from school. Backpacks make my life easier because they’re easy to carry and all my things fit inside.

I bought this from Adidas Roponggi, Japan for only 4,000 Yen.


4. Jacket

Since we’re going back to school with the occasionally strong winds and sudden downpours, this is a no-brainer. You need a jacket to protect you from the cold classrooms (mostly GE classes) and the rain. Make sure you buy something that’s not too thick (but still good enough to warm you when it’s cold) that won’t occupy too much space in your bag.

This was a gift from le boyfie from Uniqlo.


 5. The water resistant and the water storer.

Water is essential to any human being that’s why it’s important (and very budget-friendly) for you to BYOW. Bring your own water.  It is also important to buy an umbrella, the most convenient for a student is the automatic one.

So that’s it. Need more tips? email me at! 😉