I’ve recently been addicted to one app called ZOMATO. If you’ve been following me on twitter you’ll notice how much I’ve been reviewing various restaurants found in the app. Luckily, my efforts for rating and writing detailed reviews did not go to waste. One of the people from Zomato contacted me and set-up and meeting to tell me that I’ve been chosen to be one of their verified reviewers! ❤ I actually did not know what the term meant that time. I swear! I thought they’d collab with me for my blog or something. :)) (But yes, I CAN DO THAT TOO) Nonetheless, they told me what was in store for me as a verified reviewer and VOILA! Here I am writing my first ever Zomato foodie meet-up that happened just this week at Bubba Gump Greenbelt.

I rarely go to the Makati area to check out restaurants because the place is just too far away from mine. I usually hitch with someone, commute or ride a cab. As a Zomato verified reviewer, I have the privilege of getting a free cab ride from anywhere in Manila to the foodie meet-up place at Bubba Gump.


Check out my SEXY FOX RIDE! I felt like a star riding this cab. (“felt” lang naman, don’t hate) Everyone was looking and taking photos of it. It’s hilarious. :)) Trivia: the #sexyfox Grab Taxi Driver was a lady! I enjoyed her careful driving and occasional kwentos. She was telling me that the grabarkada taxis were like the artistas of all the other taxis out there. I AGREE. I mean hello, it’s pink and it has ears! SO cute!

I arrived at GB3 safe and sound (and very early). I roamed around a bit and finally went inside to find this fun-looking restaurant!


Te restaurant’s interior was inspired by the movie “Forrest Gump”, hence the title. I liked how there were a lot allusions to the movie. It was packed with lines, photos and other paraphernalia connected to the iconic Tom Hanks movie.


The staff were very jolly and bibbo! They randomly ask Forrest Gump and Bubba Gump trivia questions to kill time while waiting for your food. (They can also dance and shake your drinks in front of you.) During the meet-up we also met Bubba Gump’s chef and all throughout Ms. Cathlene Mendoza, Bubba Gump’s general manager, introduced to us every dish we were gonna eat and gave us a little background of Bubba Gump.


Of course we also met some of the people behind Zomato Philippines. Hello Ms. Elaine and Ms. Anna! 😀 Hello fellow Zomato foodies! :-h We had one heck of a time together. We kept on laughing our asses of!


We also took lots of photos! #foodporn

So, on to the food! 😀



We first had a taste of their drinks (including drinks with alcohol) and my favorites from that bunch were: Secret Mango Sparkler, ‘Lil Forrest Peanut Butter Smoothie , Coronarita (yes that one with a Corona beer on top), Mango Mojito and Electric Iced tea. Even the names taste good already, doesn’t it?


Yin Yang Shrimp Salad


 Kentucky Bourbon Wings


Cajun Shrimp


Shrimp Shack Mac and Cheese

For the appetizers we were able to try Shrimp Shack Mac and Cheese, Cajun Shrimp, Kentucky Bourbon Wings and the Yin Yang Shrimp Salad. I looooove comfort food so what stood out for me was the mac n’ cheese. I mean, shrimp, macaroni, cheddar, Parmesan and bread crumbs are just too perfect together! A close second would be the Cajun shrimp. It has the perfect kick of spiciness that I like and was really tasty. After eating small portions of each of these I was already half-full but the party was just getting started!


 Kentucky Bourbon Shrimp Skewers


Steamed Crab Legs

We got to try 6 of Bubba Gump’s entrees: Shrimper’s Net Catch, Bubba’s Baked Seafood and Rice , Bubba’s after the Storm “Bucket of Boat Trash” , Dixie Style Baby Back Ribs, (all not seen in this blog entry but in my zomato review HERE) Steamed Crab Legs and Kentucky Bourbon Shrimp Skewers. (The brains behind Bubba Gump’s menu are hella creative) .

The STEAMED CRAB LEGS may not look as grand as other dishes but for me it was the star of the night. If I’m not mistaken those king crabs are shipped all the way from Alaska. They were steamed to perfection to the point that you don’t really need a nutcracker to open it up because the meat comes out easily. (I am drooling while typing this.)  I also enjoyed Bubba’s Baked Seafood and rice because the sauce is so creamy it’ll pass as pasta.


Best of the Best Sampler


Last but not the least, dessert! We had a taste of  Ice Cream Caramel Spice Cake, Alabama Mud Pie, Chocolate Chip Cookie sundae, (all not seen in this blog entry but in my zomato review HERE) Best of the Best Sampler, and That Chocolate Thing. For those who know me they would say that the spice cake is my favorite. Well, It’s just ONE OF my favorites in the bunch. You can also include the warm bread pudding from ‘best of the best sampler”.

This time my ULTIMATE favorite would be THAT CHOCOLATE THING. It’s a flourless chocolate cake topped with ice cream! It’s served in a mason jar, it also has jam and whipped cream! I’m no chocolate lover but this dessert is still haunting me 😦 That moist-gooey chocolate cake is just the best way to end any Bubba Gump experience! I love it!


And oh, did I mention that I got lots of goodies from the Zomato foodie meet-up? I had cool Zomato, Grab Taxi AND Bubba Gump freebies. #lifeisgood.


I now drink my morning coffee in this doodle mug from Zomato. 😀


 Hello, Hans!* He was late for the event because it was traffic and was too shy to enter the place so he just waited for me to finish the event. He ate at Bubba Gump as well and got goodies! 😉


Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City

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