Emmanuelle Adda is an international performing artist and she will be launching her career in the Philippines this September 25 at the new Green Sun Hotel in Makati featuring the Philippine Madrigal Singers. Luckily, I had a chance to talk to her and know all about what she’s been up to lately in preparing for her concert. 🙂


Interviewing people is not my strongest point but Emmanuelle was such a delight to be with it made the process so much easier. It wasn’t like an interview really, it was just like two people talking over coffee. I found out that we share the same outlook towards music and being a performer in general: it’s art, NOT just mere entertainment.

(On a side note: We also share the same preference on coffee. We like ours black.)


Emmanuelle Adda is the grand daughter of National artist, Andrea Veneracion, the founder of Philippine Madrigal Singers and the pioneer of the development of choral music in the Philippines. Being an artist runs in her veins and she has been honing her skills ever since she found out her calling for music. She studied in the Philippine High School for the Arts and spent her college years as a select scholar of the Cultural Center of the Philippines at one of America’s premier conservatories for the performing arts that is AMDA, New York Academy for Music and Theatre.


I asked her what she did as a day job and she frankly answered that if she’s not found singing at private events, she’s taking care of her music. (And she’s also an Under Armour ambassador, so she’s really sporty too! ) She believes in singing songs her own way–filled with soul and passion that begs to make its audience share a worthwhile experience. That is how it is in art, anyway. It’s not just something you watch, it’s something you feel and experience.


She has starred in stage shows and revues in different parts of the world including Les Miserables, Miss Saigon and West Side Story. She also won the prestigious IDEA international award representing her country in Hong Kong and got featured alongside the world renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers. In her upcoming concert, she will sing to us contemporary songs and “make it her own” by injecting a part of her in every piece she sings. She says “On that night they will experience me on actuality. I will give them a piece of me.”


Unlike most artists who dreams of making more money with their craft, Emmanuelle’s dream is to travel and sing to different audiences. Every show is a different line-up of songs, she tells me. Because each audience is different and she does her best to “personalize” it. Now, she is making that dream true, cruising the world and performing her very own one woman cabarets for international audiences, enchanting them with her diverse repertoire.

Even though this is her homeland, she will only stay in the Philippines for a short time. because her calling is see the world while performing. Catch her amazing talent this 25th of September and experience a night of a lifetime!

The tickets are:

FOR SPONSORS: Php 5,000 with dinner, Elle’s album, a drink (wine / scotch / beer)
Php 3,000 with,  Elle’s album, a drink (wine / scotch / beer)
Php 1,000 (from 2,000) concert only
You may buy your tickets by contacting Mrs. Veneracion at :
0917 8159318 or 0917 5833435.