Being a working student has its ups and downs. Part of it is being extra thrifty to save up for the things you really need. I’ve always wanted to try lettering workshops but they’ve always been way beyond my budget. Luckily, my wheninmanila.com blogging perks gave me the privilege to attend one for free!

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We started with a few introductions and lectures from Ms. Jam Pangilinan (Share Movement founder) and bloggers/teachers for the day: Denise Labordo and Abbey Sy. We sorta became geeks for a while after eatching videos about letters, typographys, types of type and how to practice certain fonts.

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We were also give these delicious cakes from Happy Monster! They surprisingly light and not too sweet. It was the perfect snack while we were doing our own projects.


TAH-DAH! Mine’s on the right side. (At the back of it says “write your thesis” haha!) It was a bit hard for me because it’s my first time but I really tried to do my best. Also, I’m not good at writing big letters so pardon the size. Hopefully, I can improve on this kind of craft in the future! WHo’s willing to donate their pens to me? :>

10670060_10204932357649234_5500800737721696021_nThat’s it for now. I still have other blog posts to write but I. MUST. WRITE. MY. THESIS.