Teachers Village or Sikatuna Village is the dream town for foodies like me who are in a continuous search for the affordable yet delicious food. Since I am a college student, this place screams “perfect” for me. Some might say Kapitolyo or Greenhills and such, but based on my experience, Maginhawa Street STILL serves the cheapest. Besides the fact that the restaurants are all in one strip (and the rest are near that strip) , it is also near to another food strip, Katipunan Avenue.  To add to that, Teachers Village is also a very peaceful neighborhood! Most of my classmates and friends live in the area because of its convenient location.


Before I share my list of restos, I just want to share to you why I’m writing this blog post.

FIRST: I believe that we need to get to know our local food market and value it as part of our individual travel experiences. RelayRides (a rent-a-car service based in the U.S.) and I believe we can all make traveling more personable by writing about places (from all over the world) and compiling it a medium where we can all get to know each other’s hometown. Just like this: http://www.pinterest.com/relayrides/hometown-hidden-gems/ !

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SECOND: I owe my early years to this village. When I was in grade school, my school was located in this village, The Learning Tree. I also visited my tita often in Matahimik Street. Now that I’m in college I still spend my time here to hang-out in coffee shops, cafes, dessert places, Filipino restaurants and other hole-in-the-wall type restos to have a good time alone (to write my thesis) or with friends.

These are my favorites so far:

The Sweet Spot Cafe

Coffice. This is one of the best terms to define this place. However, it twists the term of being a hole-in-the-wall coffice because it doesn’t serve your typical microwaveable meals (not saying those aren’t delicious, I love those too!) but serves REAL food. Don’t let its name mislead you as a pastry/coffee shop. It serves so much more than that. Their menu is a perfect mix of brews & juices, dessert cakes and comfort dishes. However, based on the people “camping out” there to study, read, eat and stare at its artsy wall I can pretty much define the place as a coffice.

I tried their Turtle Pie, Asahi Fish and Wasabi Fries, Kung Pao Chicken pasta and Banana Caramel Macchiato Frappe. But my favorite from the four is the pasta. It was a unique rendition of the kung pao flavor because of its sweet taste. I loved it and would definitely order it again.



The place is not as small as the other restaurants in Maginhawa but it’s a bit hot inside. However, my tolerance for hot places such as this is remedied with food. They serve my Filipino favorites: Palabok, Puto Pandan and Dinuguan.


I only got to try Puto Pandan which is made from real sticky rice and Pandan (no food coloring added) and Palabok which has that perfect fishy and crunchy texture contrasting the slimy-saucy noodles.


Jek’s Ku-bo

Go to Jek’s Ku-bo (Jessica and Kuya Boy) for the best buko shake, bulalo and ulo-ulo in Maginhawa! This restaurant usually appeals to the homeowners of Teacher’s Village but I suggest you try this too.


Skip the burger, pizza and pasta for once and try a taste of home once in a while. For less than hundred you get a decent meal that strikes straight to the heart. You should also try their dinuguan, salpicao, adobo flakes and vigan longganisa.



Breakfast Bin

I freaking love Breakfast Bin! Everything is below 200 Pesos (more or less) and the dishes I tried are all delicious.


Their food is something to rave about. Even how they present their food is instagram worthy! They use mason jars for their juices, cute mugs for their coffee and wooden trays to serve their food. So, price, taste and presentation, CHECK!


This place serves sulit breakfast food and I encourage you to try their waffles. It’s kind of like a “make your own” waffle/pancake. You add the toppings you like for only 10-20 pesos each, plus the syrup of your choice. YUM. Their waffles are soft and a pleasure to the mouth. (I like it this way, others may prefer the “tougher” ones? HAHA idk) I’ll definitely be back here!


Crepeman Cafe

I loved their stall in Miriam College’s cafe when I was still studying there so I was super psyched to know they had an actual cafe in Maginhawa. Hooray! Crepes are around 100 each and it’s a mouthful, literally. Be ready to get messy. First few bites are on the crunchy side but once you go deeper the filling forces its way out the crepe and spills once in awhile. (especially those with cremes, chocolates or mayo) Make sure you don’t let any of the stuffing fall out of the crepe!


My friends and I ate choco loco , a classic choice. Yummy nabana , with choco spread mango, banana, whipped cream (we added vanilla ice cream too) and white kisses. We also ordered Porky’s bacon. It includes, bacon, mayo,cheese, corn and lettuce. Just imagine everything I said wrapped up in a perfectly cooked crepe. UGH, DELICIOUS. The savory crepes are big and it makes a good lunch, not kidding. The sweet crepes are good desserts or merienda. 😉


RBy’s Steak and Shake

To be honest, the burgers we had (76ers, knockout) were not that good but not really bad at all. It hits the perfect middleground of “okay lang” and for its cheap price, I’m not complaining. Yes, they use cheezwhiz, so what? It’s perfect! That’s the charm of Maginhawa restaurants anyway, right? Nothing too fancy, nothing beyond your budget and nothing commercial. Everything has that hint of home in their food and if that’s the kind of burger you’re craving for then this is the place to be.(For personalized and bigger burgers, go to BRGR Project)


I’ve tasted better Philly Cheesesteaks over at Old Oven Art Cafe BUT again, considering that they’re only around 100 (and that’s a big serving already) , this tasty bite of caramelized onions, cheese and beef gives me that “solved na ako” feeling. This is a craving satisfier. (get it? haha) It goes perfectly well with the Strawberry Banana milkshake. Swear, this is the best I’ve had of its kind. If carebears had a taste, this would be the taste. HAHA The cheesy fries is a good add on too. (GOODBYE DIET)


Friuli Trattoria

My boyfriend and I always eat here. It’s our go-to place when we don’t know where to eat and if we’re broke (which is 90% of the time) For a trattoria (not fine dinning but also not too casual) this place manages to be the epitome of SULIT. Big serving, delicious taste and very cheap. I am no Italian food expert but for my palette, it’s definitely worth a try. All-meat, tre- formaggi and the mushroom (I forgot what it’s called) pizza are only 200+ each and it has 8 slices! The tuna and mushroom pasta, pesto and mozzarella sticks are also great add-ons. On our hungry days we order one pizza for each, if we feel like “dieting” (LOL) we order 1 pizza and one pasta. I swear, go to this restaurant and you’ll end up always eating here. 😉


(photo from looloo)


There was a time when I ate here 3 times in one month. If I’m not mistaken, the owner of this place is also the man behind Pipino and The BRGR Project. I’ve also eaten in those places well and they’re also worth checking-out. I love how Pino tries to make Filipino dishes palatable to a world-class market because of it’s unique twists. This restaurant/bar definitely gave the traditional Filipino dishes a new image that made me appreciate FIlipino cooking a lot more.


Mini sisig tacos, longanissa topped nachos, wasabi onion rings, sinigang na salmon sa miso at bayabas are also mouthwatering plates to fill you empty stomach. This place is perfect for friends and family. I’ll definitely be back soon.


Wicked Kitchen

I first tried Wicked Kitchen back in my high school years when they were still in Katipunan. According to the owner (which is a cousin of my batchmate in High School, small world!) They have been struggling which place to put up Wicked Kitchen because rent fees are high. Luckily, they found a home in Maginhawa St. and tah-dah! Here I am writing about how delicious their food is!


They have yummy main dishes namely, Bagoong rice bowl, Ex’s Lasagna and Chicken Pomodoro (paired with fish n chips). They stay true to their name of being sinfully good, especially in their desserts: sloth (lava cake with ice cream) , gluttony (cookie with ice cream) and greed (smores on a skillet). I must say, I’ve never tried desserts as good as theirs. The smores are my favorite and the other two would be a tie. Suprisingly, the cookie and lava cake are not that sweet but they’re very rich and moist, just how I like it. The sweetness comes from the ice creams but overall, the flavor is great!


Snow Creme

This place is a great cold dessert and milktea place (aside from the usual Moonleaf and Infinitea, whcih are also found in Maginhawa St.). Their shaved ice is something new for me because i’m a yogurt and icecream girl. However, the smoothness of their shaved ice is perfect! It’s like the marriage of ice cream and yogurt. The Taiwan shaved ice is like their version of halo halo, taro ball, beans and other sweet add ons plus milk. It’s the cherry on top of your Maginhawa food trip. The Golden Mango is my absolute favorite. Light, sweet and creamy!


So those are all my favorite in this dream town of mine. A foodie haven and a great neighborhood of cooks and diners! I’ll definitely add more to this list, but as of now, I suggest you try these restaurant and have a great experience in Teachers village. And you know what? You can try all these restaurants all in one day. HOW? Well through the Quezon City Food Festival, of course!

Check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/qcfoodfest

On the fateful day of Oct. 11 foodies from all over the metro will gather in the Maginhawa St. to try out all the participating restaurants found in the Maginhawa area. So yes, the whole Maginhawa food strip is one big food festival filled with games, FREE WIFI from Smart (so you can share your food experiences) and live music. I think there’ll also be fireworks display at midnight to cap off the night.

It’s all part of Quezon City’s Jubilee Celebration and it will be a line-up of exciting events so stay tune! As of now this is the event that I’m definitely going to. See you on the 11th! I heard they’ll be giving our GCs to the early birds!

*If you have other restaurant you’d like for me to try, comment them below! I’d love to know your preferences! ❤