*I’m supposed to be writing my thesis right now but I just can’t focus! HAHA At least I’m still writing, right? Besides, I need to post here again and give this blog the love it deserves*DSC_6925

Let me start by saying that this is not an original recipe (and I don’t want to list it down here since I’m not that type). I got the recipe from yummly.com , it’s a like a pinterest of recipes (check out mine here), and I just substituted the ingredients that are too expensive (and a rare find) in the market such as feta cheese & all purpose cream (to sorta get that ricotta cheese texture) to cheaper ones. Ingredients aren’t my main concern though, it’s the layering of the pasta noodles, sauce and cheese that makes the lasagna a challenging pasta dish. It may seem effortless but after doing this with my boyfriend, I realized how much of a sloppy cook I am. Thus the name, sloppy lasagna. 😉

Check out this link to find the perfect lasagna recipe for you!

One of the key ingredients to a yummy pasta is the cheese sauce/layer. The ideal mix is ricotta, cottage and part-skim mozarella cheese. Texture is what we’re after and these cheeses put together strikes a perfect balance with the meat sauce. Since cottage and ricotta weren’t available, Hans I opted to buy Apetina’s feta cheese and mix it with grated parmesan cheese and all purpose cream (yes I know. this is sort of a “filler” but it worked! swear). We seasoned it a bit, added 1 egg and voila!


Lasagna is “easy” to make but we took longer than the expected prep time. HAHA Still, we did our best in managing our time. While preparing our ingredients for the meat sauce we boiled our lasagna noodles and prepared our wings for our buffalo wings experiment.


A kilo of chicken wings is less than 200 Php in our local supermarkets! ❤ ( Sorry, no photos of the finished product because it was gone in seconds! haha. You can also search for its recipe in yummly.com 😉 )

DSC_6922After Hans finished slicing everything for the meat sauce, he went ahead and cooked it! I helped him in  seasoning the sauce. (apir!) In fareness, for a noob couple cooking together, we did a good job.


Now that everything’s ready : meat sauce, lasagna noodles and cheese layer/sauce the next thing we had to do was the challenging part–layering everything. According to numerous videos on youtube on lasagna layering, first layer is meat sauce, then pasta, then cheese and so on. Aside from the cheese sauce we made, we also added one layer with mozarella cheese. :> There should be at least three layers and the top most layer should be combined meat and cheese.


We bought quickmelt (for safety) but didn’t have much time to grate it (or I think we should’ve just sliced it huhu. 😦 ) thus the sloppy looking top most layer. It should’ have been the prettiest layer but no, fail. 😦 We also had problems with the baking dish, so we had to cut the noodles shorter.


The layering was a bit tiring but after removing it form the oven after 30 mins (in 375 Celsius) the magic of the meat sauce and cheese paid off! It may not look appetizing here but (biases aside) it tasted sooooo much better than looked! ❤ Hans and I patterned its taste to Wicked Kitchen and House of Lasagna’s delectable lasagnas and we hit it right on the spot. Not too salty and overpowering, just the right amount of savory and creamy! But yeah, we never really perfected the lasagna look but whatever, it’s all messy in our tummies anyway. I actually have leftovers of the ingredients so I think I might do another batch when I have the time!DSC_6935Hans and I will definitely cook together again. (it was his idea, btw, and we’re planning to cook burgers for our next cook-at-home date hihi) Watch out for it in my next blog post! Hopefully we don’t mess it up! 😉


I was finally able to cook a new batch! Well, I cooked the second batch a few days after I posted this BUT it’s only now that I am able to blog about it.

My next batch is like a kiddie version because I put in chicken cheesedogs (yum!) It’s sweeter than my first batch but it baked well and came out “clean”!


It underwent the usual layering but since I ran out of meat sauce for the topmost layer I settled with a cheese layer. It wasn’t that bad! I think I’ll add more mozzarella next time. HEHE


Look! It improved. Not a sloppy lasagna anyore. I think it’s also because I layered it tediously this time around and I opted for bigger lasagna slices. It was delicious but my first one was way more tasty. Nonetheless, this was a good batch! 😉


Hoping to write more “recipe” posts like this. It’s fun!