It’s been 2 weeks after that night and I was wondering if I should still blog about the event because I didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected. Even looking back at the photos makes me cringe because it brought back memories of the not-so-good experiences that happened. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MAGINHAWA ST, however, the QC food fest wasn’t… maginhawa at all.

To those who went there, you must know how I feel. yes? It wasn’t all that bad. I mean, there were still honorable restaurants along the Maginhawa strip that welcomed customers even if they were already full. Such places were Sweet Creme and Hillcrest Wellness Cafe (in Malingap st.). I also love the fact that these places were open at such a late hour. I wish othe restaurants did that too since it’s a festival anyway and there are still thousands of people to feed.

DSC_6760 DSC_6757 DSC_6759


Since there were a lot of people during the QC Food Festival, lining up and waiting for the free food ordered with the stub took waaaaay longer than usual. Read: almost 2 hours. That was really frustrating. With big events like this we hope the restaurants are ready for the hungry people. Some of them even mixed up our orders and worse–weren’t able to tag them in. So we were waiting for nothing for a good 30 mins and if we had not remind them of our order they would’ve forgotten it altogether. TSK TSK.


Good thing Hans was there to sorta calm me down. Thank you! :* But he was also getting a bit impatient and hungry too.


Swear, it’s like the QC Food Festival was an experience (for me) where the food wasn’t highlighted. It’s more of an experience you wouldn’t like to remember because it was very tiring and was full of lines to fall in to. I know that’s a reality we can’t get away with but I just wished they handled it better. (despite my frustrations, I still smiled for the camera. haha)


Thank God for food the stalls that night. I wish I ordered from them instead. No, only a few of them offer free food (via the food stub) , but at least I don’t have to wait as much as I did in the restaurants.

DSC_6766BTW, Kudos to the restaurants in the 189 building (Snow Creme, Wicked Kitchen, Katsu Cafe, Sweet Spot Cafe, etc.) for having tasteful live performers. I enjoyed the music playing from the bands who participated in their own gig night. (But yes, their restaurants were swarming with people too and we didn’t get a chance to taste Crazy Katsu’s food. 😦 )


After lazing around the Maginhawa strip and searching for restaurants willing to serve us food (and being unsuccessful with that quest), we just settled in the street and waited for the fireworks display. We even saw Jun Sabayton! haha. (Thank you po sir! Natuwa kami nung nakita ka naming rumaraket. haha) The fireworks display was highly anticipated so when it started people were stuck looking at the wonderful fireworks.

DSC_6858After that display the party continued on the other side of the Maginhawa strip. Most participating restaurants were closed already so our remaining food stubs were useless. 😦 To add to that, we tried to claim our plates but when we went to the claiming area they ran out already. I mean, shouldn’t that have been counted in the tickets? Paasa eh. 😦 DSC_6869

It was definitely bittersweet but more on the bitter side, actually. I just wish the event was organized differently. I think it was also because there were too many things happening all at once that the food wasn’t that highlighted anymore. So much for being a food fest, eh?

I know I’m not the only one feeling this. After (or during the event) I saw my friends on social media ranting about their bad experience as well. Hayyy. Oh well, lesson learned. I’ll just try the other Maginhawa restaurants on my own.