How come I never learn? I’ve recently had 2 “big” rakets and got money all at once but here I am wondering where all my money went. Yeap, I am broke again! HAHAHA But I’ll get by. (claim it) I just need to pull a few strings and hopefully I’m back with a new raket! (please, anyone?)

It’s obvious that most of money go to food and books. Here’s my latest loot from the book sale in UP (the one found in ASKAL). They’re all brand new but 100 to 200 Pesos cheaper than its NBS and Fully Booked price. ❤ Now I just need to find the time to read these.

I’m also undergoing a sandwich-soy milk- cream cheese phase. The bagel and english muffin are two handsome creations and brand “village gourmet” is the perfect grocery brand for those breads. However, if you know of other brands please do let me know. I’m exanding my horizons and I really want to make delicious bagel sandwiches and more eggs ben. 😀


I love wheat bread as well (but I didn’t take a photo of it anymore) so it was great to know that they also have whole wheat banana bagel. You should check them out ’cause they have more kinds of bagels to offer.


I’m not so much of a peanut butter fan and I guess I know why–because cashew butter tastes so much better! Sweeter and nuttier! You’ll love this proudly Pinoy cashew butter from Nipa Hut. You might end up ditching the peanut butter taste altogether like I did.


Bennet and Palmer has been a good source of coffee, tea and jams from Vietnam and Australia. A huge chunk of money went here but I have no regrets. ❤ I’ll blog about my favorite organic coffee from Vietnam (made available by Bennet and Palmer) soon. Clue: “Hello _ ” is the brand :>


I finally got to try JUJU eats and my favorite is their inasal salad. The best part, It’s guilt free. Same goes with these cold pressed drinks. The green bomb, is actually delicious for its kind and the nutmilk is just divine.

DSC_6914 (2)



Lastly, training shorts from Cotton On. This is my favorite brand ’cause they always have everything I need and want. Just like these shorts. They’re perfect for training because it has built-in cycling shorts underneath. Plus, it’s not too short so I can train in peace. I got these babies on sale so at least it’s not too expensive.



So there you go! Hopefully, I won’t write something like this anymore because I already know how to budget my money. That is still a struggle for a girl like me but I am determined to conquer this sickness. Simple living is the key, and I should save more money by investing in the right things. Also, if I need to buy groceries, I think I’ll just ask money from my mom, eh? HAHAHA