I’m not yet done with my “Welcome to 2015” posts! Before anything, I’d just like to say that “blooming” doesn’t just apply to beauty on the outside but also beauty on the inside–heart, mind, soul, etc. So yes, this isn’t a beauty post. Anyway, the New Year hype is still in my veins and I’d just like to share to you what I’ve been thinking about for the past few days. I really hope this would help you “bloom” this 2015 and truly find the best version of yourself this year!

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1. Invest on beauty products for a healthier skin

I know that there are plenty of young ladies like me who just doesn’t invest much on beauty products. It’s not just automatic in me to put lotion after taking a bath or to invest in products to moisturize my face. I’m not that kikay like other girls, and I know some of you aren’t too. Well, that sort of backfired. Lately my skin has been super dry, as in DEHYDRATED, and I’m getting worried ’cause it’s not healing as fast as I thought. Then it hit me, it’s because I RARELY put on lotion and drink water. So now I need to take care of skin and put extra effort in my morning/night routines and such because having healthy skin is important!


2. Buy fruits on a weekly basis in exchange for unhealthy snacks and drinks

Now that I’m about to enter the labor force, I got all excited on apportioning my money and budgeting. (Yes, kinda weird) It also got me excited on “dieting”. After reminiscing on my 2014 food diary I realized that I actually eat right when it comes to my meals, what got me extra chunky (in a bad way) are the snacks and junk food that I’ve been binging on. So I realized that instead of munching on unhealthy food and drinks, I will eat fruits! (But, not too much of the fruits that are too sweet like Mangoes or Bananas) This year I will have a weekly allowance for fruits and munch on them instead for healthier diet!


3. An idea notebook to jot down all your thoughts and get the creative juices flowing!

Our generation is so dependent on technology and it’s making us lazier. We rely too much on apps, on screenshots, on bookmarking things when we can simple WRITE IT DOWN. Writing things down makes it easier for the brain to retain a certain memory and if you have a notebook with all your ideas (or even grocery lists!) in it, you will be able to look back at them easily. It’s just a simple idea, but it’s a habit that’s good to develop so that you don’t always have to worry when your phone dies down or reset to factory settings.

52 week money challenge

4. A money-saving plan for long term needs.

Every new year we always say that we want to save money but it never really happens (well, for people like me who runs off to the nearest sale she sees). I’ve been seeing the 52-week plan on Facebook and I think it’s a good and simple way to save. By increments of 5- 50 per day you save 15-70k a year! Some prefer doing it in reverse so that you get to spend on Dec. (which is gift buying month) and you still generate the same amount of savings. There are other ways too, like STRICTLY STICKING TO YOUR BUDGET or by simply separating savings money whenever you receive your salary. It’s up to you how to save and spend wisely, just make you sure you stick to it! Discipline and self-control are the keys to a “blooming” wallet! (haha, get it? lawl)


5. Buy a jug, fill it with water, and bring it with you wherever you go.

You save money, you get to hydrate every now and then, you get to cleanse your body naturally and you feel rejuvenated. This is a no-brainer. Always fill that jug with water and drink it! You’ll definitely look blooming if you commit to this!


6. Buy yourself a watch and lessen being late!

I used to wear watches everyday to school but the past year I have been too dependent on my phone’s alarms and I have no sense of urgency anymore! I used to be a super alert person and I rarely arrive late. I’m bringing this back! Besides, nothing spells professionalism, dedication,and passion better than being on time. I think we all need to practice that and trash the “Filipino” time habit, it sucks.


7. Buy books and read instead of staying online before bedtime.

Or buy a kindle and download e-books. Whatever floats your boat. The point is, get accustomed to reading long material. I have a short attention span like most “millennials” but reading through novels and longs essays made me cure that. (Except when I’m the one talking–oh, look! a bird) This can also be your way of learning new stuff. Read something about marketing, or politics, or world literature, or about starting your own restaurant, or maybe even astronomy. Learning is a beautiful thing and now is the year to expand your knowledge! Read a book, you can use this list as a guideline, and let your mind bloom as well!

So that’s it! So, how about you? What are your resolutions for this year? 🙂