Last December (yeap, this is a late post huehue) I was able to try a new kind of cafe, Chocolate Chip army Cafe in Maginhawa St. Yes, the neighborhood never fails to surprise me and I love the fact that cafes such as this exist because it reminds me of specialty cafes in Japan(ex. neko cafe, gundam cafe, etc.). I know this isn’t exactly like one of those but for it to specifically feature cookies and milk is a start.


Chocolate Chip Army Cafe is hidden in the 189 building along Maginhawa st. corner Makadios St. owned by this long-time couple below.  It’s also beside “Old Soul” a craft store owned by one of the owner’s sister.


DSC_7693 (2)

I specifically loved this drink, Morphine milkshake, which is basically made of what the morphine cookies are made of (Not in the photo): Belgian chocolate chips, buttery cereal crunch and gooey marshmallows. Beside it is the campfire cookie which is basically like a smore sandwich.

DSC_7704 (2)

I was able to try 5 of their cookies, which all perfectly baked, not too crunchy but perfectly moist and sweet. My personal favorites are Black Hawk , a dangerously rich, fudgy and dense dark chocolate cookie, Adrenaline; creamy white chocolate, subtle touches of caramel, pure bourbon vanilla, a delicious combination of fruity crunch and gooey marshmallow, and Morphine cookie. (In that order)

DSC_7654 (2)

Know more about their cookies here!

You can go to their cafe here to order or order ONLINE! 🙂