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Anyway, let me start off with another comeback post (haha) of my experience with Fitness Gourmet PH, one of the most reliable diet delivery services in Manila.  I have written about them before on

I have written about them before on and I stand by what I wrote :

I guess what makes Fitness Gourmet PH stand out from other diet delivery services is that they also introduce dishes that border between comfort,gourmet, and healthy. It’s best for those who doesn’t like complete turnarounds with their meal plans but for those who seek healthy and gourmet alternatives for their most loved unhealthy foods.

But yes, experiencing them again for the past week was worth writing about. So here’s my  Fitness Gourmet PH experience, the second time around.

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For starters, delivery was on time. On the first day of my “diet” I got my breakfast at around 7am which was just the right time for me to have breakfast. I suggest, if you plan on being serious about your diet, you fix your lifestyle as well. Wake up and sleep early, eat on time, abolish sugar intake, and drink more water.

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They also texted me at the middle of the day about tips on how to stay faithful to my diet. If I feel hungry, I am allowed to eat a certain amount of fruits,  if I need a caffeine fix, best to drink black coffee without sugar (which how I regularly drink ever since my thesis year in college. haha!)

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First day’s menu was pretty impressive, mainly because of the chicken sisig carbonara and buko pandan. They were tasty for “diet food”.

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I started drinking more water before during and after eating my meal to cheat my tummy into thinking that it’s full. I ate slowly so I can savour the taste and make it easier for my tummy to digest my food.

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For the second day, it was surprisngly harder for me to stick to the diet. Thankfully,the meals were still tasty and filling. My favourite was their Chicken Po Boy Sandwich. It had a crusty bread, onion, chicken and delicious dressing. I plan to remake this for my future meals!

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I love how Fitness Gourmet mix and matches their protein. For the third day I had eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch and beef for dinner.  This is a big plus for me because I love my meats!

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The fourth day is when I started getting really used to the diet (I’m a late bloomer) so having the deals for the fourth day was a breeze. I enjoyed every single meal and snack! The fruits with maple syrup were simple yet very satisfying and that Mushroom Ragu sandwich was really something.

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Finally, I had to say goodbye to my diet. 😦 And I was actually not ready to say goodbye to the comfort of having my food delivered right at my doorstep but I guess this was a way for Fitness Gourmet PH to get me started on being serious with my own diet. #motivation.

The meals for the last day was the perfect icing to my 5-day meal plan of pure health, taste, and detox. (These meals are high in fiber…) In fact, I think my mother got interested, and guess, what? She signed up herself! She will be going through a Fitness Gourmet PH diet this week. YEY!

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Aside from losing 2 pounds (which was pretty impressive since I wasn’t able to workout this week. LOL) I think a really well-thought out diet like Fitness Gourmet PH’s doesn’t just give benefits for the body but most importantly, for the mind and soul . I wasn’t as restless as I was. I felt light and clean. I felt happy and less irritable and most of all, I was more productive at work! YEY!

So before you try out any diet, make sure you’re ready for and the loads of benefits ahead.

Book your your 5-day meal plan at Fitness Gourmet PH today! It’s only 1,800 + delivery fee.

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