You might be wondering why I’m suddenly writing about home offices so here’s why: I work from home.  And yes, I know what you’re thinking “Wow! She’s got the best job in the world, it must be so easy!” N-O. It’s easy in a sense because I don’t need to get up extra early, dress-up, and commute to my workplace. Not to mention the amount of money I save because I don’t have to pay for lunch. Yes, yes. It’s convenient, but it’s not work.


 To be able to master working from home you have to be disciplined,  focused, and independent (as there is literally no one to guide you step-by-step.) To put it simply, it’s like writing your thesis all on your own. (Which I did back in college) You are “your own boss”, and in order to progress and actually finish something you must be dedicated to your craft and strict on your own deadlines.

Now that’s settled, let’s start with the Pins! I’ve been active on Pinterest lately because I like organizing my “reblogs” into boards so I can easily go back to those photos for inspiration.

This week I curated a new set of pins for my Home Office Dreams board to fill my lust for picture-perfect home offices. I currently work in our dinning area because that’s where I’m most productive. It’s nothing like these home offices but hopefully, I can arrange something like this in future. *fingers crossed!

home office-1-sugarandcloth


This home office caught my eye because of that beautiful thing at the far end of the table– the ref, a cold treasure box filled with food and iced coffee to keep me pumped up while working. Also, I love how everything is so clean and white, no room for distractions and unproductivity in this office space!

home office-2-witandlight


Okay, this one might be bad for my posture but the idea of working in this sitting position attracts me. It’s nice to have little corner like this in my future home (chos), especially if it’s in front of a window where all inspiration come in, and beside a turntable that fill the room with great music.

home office-3-bambulablogi


I don’t like working in front of walls because I feel like it’s a dead end where words can’t go through. I work better near the door or the window (Is there a psychological fact explaining this?) so if this space was beside a door or window then it’s perfect. It has the right amount of girly and artsy vibe to it that I like so much. Plus points for how everything’s organized too.



This color palette of this home office is perfect! The set-up is simple and spacious,  and the inspiration board is a great idea for sudden inspiration mishaps such as writer’s block.

Layne Beckner Grime Ann Voskamp, of North Perth, Ontario, has her own writing cabin right in her backyard. "That's the best part of this..." she said, "This is a completely fluid experience. The kids can come here." Her book One Thousand Gifts, has been on the New York Times bestseller list for months.


THIS. This is just perfect. I literally have my own office space at home–away from the house’s daily chaos (and chores). I can open and close it whenever I want and it’s a space I can claim all for myself. I can imagine writing my first novel here! (I can dream, right?)

 So that wraps up my list. Did you like any of these? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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