Converse has been my go-to brand for everyday sneakers and dance shoes and I love that each pair I own has lasted beyond my expectations.

Case in point: I have one pair given to me when I was around 11 or 12, and since my feet never grew a size bigger, it still fits me up to this day. And it still looks normal. On the other hand, my all-black high cut pair is a bit worn out, but that’s understandable because those have been my casual and training shoes for 2 years. You gotta give it a little credit because they’re still in good condition until today.

Converse is without a doubt a staple in my shoe closet, and my sisters share the same mindset. Thus we volted in and braved their warehouse sale in Marikina. (Thanks ma for researching this) I needed a new pair of white sneakers while they needed everyday casual rubber shoes for school. Knowing that this was a warehouse sale, we formulated  a “game plan” aka a few tips we had in mind while shopping to score the right pair of shoes.

  • Arrive extra early

It’s true, the early bird catches the worm. If you’re late, you’ll get leftovers. The sale was scheduled at 9:00 am so we arrived  at 8:30 only to find out that there’s already a long line waiting for us. BOO. We’re already off to a bad start but the queue wasn’t that bad. (1 hour is nothing me. I’ve been lining up all my life just to register for classes. haha!) It’s actually a good thing they thought of the amount of people coming in so that it won’t be too crowded inside the warehouse, thus the long que. But yes, lesson learned, arrive extra early.

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  •  Wear something comfortable

This is not a glamorous event, it’s a freaking warehouse sale. It will be hot, it would smell of rubber, it would be packed with people. You’ll end up sitting on the floor, crawling under shoe racks, and going between narrow spaces. You don’t need heels and a skirt for that kind of activity. Best outfit would a pair of jeans,shirt, and slippers.

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  •  Know your size but still double check and fit each shoe

Even though I know my size, they can still differ due to the style of the shoe. That’s why I wore slippers just so I can easily fit shoes. Knowing someone’s size shoe size would also be a good tip if you’re going to give it as a gift.

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  • Collect and select

A warehouse sale has a mix of new and old stocks, The lower the price, the older the stock. Thus not all stocks are likeable and you have to collect all that suits your taste (whether according to  style, size, or price)  then filter out the bad ones afterwards. What I did was I rummaged through the styles I wanted and got the 2 of the best-looking pairs from the pack. Then when we’re about to pay we filtered everything out according to design, quality, and size. We got rid of those that didn’t fit us well and those that really wasn’t our type of shoe.

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  •  Don’t be too picky but don’t compromise everything 

You can’t be that choosy but never compromise with 1. sole of the shoes and 2. lining. You can deal with the minor stains later. For clothes, (sometimes) you can compromise with size because you can have that altered (but please don’t buy something too small or too big). For bags, it’s better to buy something in mint condition but a few stains won’t hurt as well.

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  • Be ready for payment

This applies to being financially ready and being ready to lineup. Good thing they accepted both cards and cash, but for other warehouse sales you’re not familiar with, be ready with cash. Also, if you’re shopping with a group, have someone lineup in advance when you’re about to pay. It lessens the waiting time.

For us we already had a strategy for that. Kind of a bad one but my mom was the one who suggested it anyway HAHA. Since my mom was pregnant, we had her wait inside the car while we were shopping and called her up when we’re about to pay. We’ll use her card anyway. (Just to be clear, we still lined-up) When my mom got in the queue with us,  the guard approached her and escorted her to the the skip ahead in front of the line.  So yeah, that could work too, just make sure she’s up for it.

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Here’s the pair I bought from that sale. It was only 400 Pesos but it looks pretty decent. The sole is still in mint condition and the lining is perfect. There are a few stains but since it’s made of canvas, I can just have that cleaned with detergent.

Here’s an unfiltered photo.

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 Here’s the edited photo from a different angle.

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Liani got 2 pairs, and Luisa and I both had 1 each. Which brings me to last tip. Know what you want and stick to it. A sale doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money. Even if the brand’s selling everything at low prices you can’t deny it’s still a marketing strategy of some sort. You think you’re buying something at a low cost but there’s a big chance you’ll get more items than what you initially planned for and end up paying more for things that are of no value to you. That’s a waste of money. You can avoid this if you set your mind to what you specifically need and get a great deal out of it!

Did you find my tips helpful? Have more to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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