From commercial to artisanal, Manila is without a doubt the place to be when it comes to coffee.

I have tried several ones already and recently found out that there is one new player in the industry that’s soon to be one of the big boys. Ladies and Gentlemen, say “Annyeong” to Caffe Bene!

They invited me over with a few zomans and foodies at their Eastwood branch and talked about their brand, coffee, their recent collaboration with Lotus Biscoff , and their GIVEAWAY.

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Caffe Bene is the go-to coffee place in Korea and has decided to grace us 2 years ago with their coffee and desserts. Now, they have 5 branches: SMX (for events), Valero, SM BF Paranaque, SM Clark Pampanga , and Eastwood.

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It was love at first sight when I entered their Eastwood branch. It was classy, super comfortable, and has a great crowd of quiet, young professionals. And for a cafe, silence is really one thing I take note of because that determines if I’ll enjoy my time there or not. I hate dealing with noisy teenagers and PDA-ers while I have my me time.

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It has that European look filled with wood, plants, and rustic light decorations. They also offered a spectrum of books so you can read while sipping their signature Americano coffee. And the price? Not bad at all.

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For me, Caffe Bene stands out because their Americano coffee is not too strong, you can drink it as is. It still has that kick of bitterness with a hint of sweet and spice notes to it. Their desserts are also noteworthy. My top 3 would have to their Bingsu, waffle, and gelato.

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Since Coffee and desserts are what they’re known for, it’s just natural for them to collaborate with Lotus Biscoff. Lotus is a brand from Belgium known for their biscuits and spreads.The spread might be more familiar to you, but I’m telling you, the biscuit is just as good! I’m currently addicted to it and eat every freaking morning with my coffee–because that’s what it’s made for. The name itself explains it: “Bis” for biscuit and “Coff” for coffee. 

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Since the Lotus Biscoff has that caramelized taste and texture that gloriously crumbles in your mouth, pairing it with Caffe Bene’s Americano is the perfect match. I suggest you dip the biscuit in the coffee and let the warm part of that biscuit melt in your mouth. It’s a synergistic pairing of slightly bitter and slightly sweet that’s a perfect pick-me-upper any time of the day.

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It’s also great to add in desserts! During the event, Caffe Bene allowed us to experiment with the biscuits and their famous gelato. We got creative and posed with our “personalized” Lotus Biscoff Gelato.

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I called this my little Biscoff Island, a work of art that I devoured in seconds. I love gelato, but I love coffee more, so this was the second best pairing during that day. 

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After the event, we got our press kits and lo and behold! More Biscoff stuff! I was thinking to myself,  “God must love us so much, He didn’t just give us coffee, He also gave us Biscoff to go with it!” (It sounds like a crappy tagline but who cares.)The pairing is exclusively available at Caffe Bene and they currently have promo: you get a free Lotus Biscoff if you order a cup of their Americano.   

Bene loves Biscoff

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