Rosanjin was not in my must-try list when it came to Japanese restaurants but when I got invited over to try their newest menu additions a few days back, I changed my mind.

Rosanjin’s menu is on the pricier side, but they serve a variety of delicious dishes that cater to various lovers of Japanese cuisine–sushi, sashimi, ramen, gyoza, tempura, donburi, and desserts.  I suggest if you plan to eat here, bring extra cash so you can try one of everything (and share the load with your friends) to satisfy your Japanese craving.
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Must-try are their Tobanyaki and Kaminabe dishes. It’s actually my first time to hear about these styles of serving Japanese food and got impressed with what I saw. (I’m shallow, yes I know.) It’s just that the whole process of cooking it is solemn and mysterious. It makes you appreciate how the Japanese gives importance to their craft of cooking. It’s not like they serve it to you and you hork it all down with a few gulps. You actually become a part of the cooking process!

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Quite fancy actually– because it’s the traditional way of cooking Japanese food using earthenware called “toban”. With this style of cooking, there is no risk of burning the meat as the material used transmits heat easily and equally. Plus, you get more flavor from the ingredients itself, giving your taste buds the party they deserve with just a few bites

Note: cooking takes about 7-10 mins. Be patient and avoid that “hangry” vibe before ordering for a pleasant eating experience. Remember: great things take time, that includes food.

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We ordered the Australian Rib Steak Tobanyaki, a combination of super soft and juicy meat and tofu paired with 3 sauces: yakiniku, sour cream, and a wine-based sauce.  This was my favourite out of all the dishes we tried that night because the beef was so soft and juicy. It was delicately flavoured with spices and the sauces add an extra kick of either soy sauce, cream, or wine (based on your choice). I can literally eat it all day.

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We also ordered Chicken Cheeseyaki. It’s like a Japanese version of cordon bleu but instead of fried chicken and cheese, it’s skinless thigh chicken meat slathered with sauce, cheese, and a side of tomatoes, carrots, and asparagus cooking in its own oil and juices.  This one’s good for the kids and kids at heart because of the cute carrot cuts in it.

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Now onto the soup! Kaminabe is the traditional way of cooking hot pot dishes using Japanese paper. The Japanese paper used is unlike the flimsy type of paper we buy at National Bookstore. This one is actually sturdy enough to hold the soup without getting burned! It also absorbs the oil and scum from the ingredients thus resulting to a healthy and delicate taste. Amazing!

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We ordered Sukiyaki and Shrimp Kaminabe and both bowls of soup were exactly what we expected–hearty and simmering with flavour. I preferred more noodles and sweet taste from the sukiyaki, but that’s just my own preference. We were actually worried at first if the beef would get cooked but after a few mixing and stirring, it was cooked thoroughly, tender, and tasty. The shrimp was half cooked already before the Kaminabe cooking took over so we had no worries about that. We just hoped the shrimps were served without the shell so it would be easier to eat. But yes, everything was delicious and swimming in yummy hot broth so I’m good.

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To cap off the night, we had green tea pudding topped with red monggo and a dollop of whipped cream. It was the perfect sweet palate cleanser after slurping soups and eating savoury meats.

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If you happen to come by Rosanjin this month of September and order either 1 Tobanyaki or Kaminabe, you can avail 1 order of  California roll for only 1 Peso!

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