Hans and I recently went partying (ish) last Friday at Hyve for an exclusive peek of Timberland’s Fall 2015 collection and #ModernTrail campaign.

It’s basically about how each person’s journey in life creates a trail of adventure filled with new people and new things to explore. Overall, it was a fun night of good food, music, and fashion.  Here are a few photos from that night. Enjoy!

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For those of you who don’t know, Timberland is the creator of this iconic yellow boot. They started back in the 50s in Abington, Massachusetts as “Abington Shoe Company”, making shoes for leading brands for almost 10 years. It was only in 70s that they owned the name “Timberland” along with the creation of their leather waterproof boots, first hand-sewn shoes, and the boat shoes. From then on they  ventured to ladies wear, accessories, bags, and clothes. They have also been part of various movements that aim to save the environment and communities. They’re a brand that cares. And rest assured, their items are 100% good quality. I mean, just look at how thick and fine those shoes are!

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That night we had a chance to take a peek of their Fall 2015 collection that features their signature structured boots, sleek casual shoes, leather, warm colors, and even a high-cut shoes for women. They also revealed to us their 3 endorses: Kim Atienza, Brent Javier, and Mars Miranda, 3 totally different men with different career paths united by Timberland.  Indeed, Timberland has taken their shoe to a whole new level.

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We got to know 4 Mark Makers: Mike Carandang, Edgar Alan Zeta-Yang, David Guison, and Tim Yap. All of which from different industries but are sporting the same brand in dapper fashion.

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After the big reveal, everyone partied the night away with Timberland endorser and DJ, Mars Miranda. And oh, look! I saw an old colleague of mine, Alex Lapa of reluctantstylista.com. We sat beside each other and drank a few margaritas while waiting for the event to start. Hello, Alex! 😀

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Also, here are our OOTDs for that night. Hans being all cool and casual in his printed polo shirt, jeans, and boat shoes. While I’m being all “goody goody” in my sheer gray polo, shorts, and loafers. FYI, I came from an interview that day thus the non-party friendly outfit. And besides, we didn’t dance the night away after the program, we just went to Timezome and got in touch with our kiddie side. HAHA!
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