It’s amazing how this cafe always has something new to offer.

Right after their Lotus Biscoff partnership, they have now launched their own pasta dishes!  Yes, Caffe Bene is not just a coffee and dessert place anymore, you can now have actual meals!

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Before anything else, I’d just like to mention that their Iced Teas are a great match to the pastas. And I think this my favorite Iced Tea brew out of all the huge cafes here in the metro.

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So there are three pasta variants: Beef Bolognese, Chicken Pesto, and Creamy Carbonara. My favourite would have to be the red-sauced one, of course. I love tomatoes! But I can definitely switch it up any time with the pesto and carbonara.

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I love how the pasta is al dente. Unlike other cafes, their pastas are just too soft as they are overcooked. Caffe Bene’s is just right and are well-seasoned.

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Plus points for them for putting lots of meat!

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The pastas are pre-packed and delivered fresh daily to Caffe Bene stores. What you saw on the plates are equivalent to two serving sizes, this one is the actual serving size. And of course, this kind of packaging is just for takeout. If you dine-in, they’ll serve it on a plate.

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Aside from the iced tea, you can also eat it with their signature americano, hot or cold. Or with any coffee of your choice.

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The pasta dishes are worth Php 195 and are good for 2 persons. (but go ahead and eat it all for yourself! I won’t judge you! haha)  If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think!

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