I’m such a big fan neighborhood restaurants and converted-home-restaurant types, so Casano was a jackpot for me! It’s still new because they only started operations May of this year so I suggest, catch them before anyone else does!

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The likeability of the ambiance depends mainly on their facade, you wouldn’t even know it’s a restaurant without the sign. It’s a house built with wooden floors and window panes that remind you of the houses you see around Vigan or the ancestral house your mom and dad grew up in. The white curtains are graciously blown by the wind and the there’s a turntable (with matching vinyl records of both old and new artists) that plays comfy tunes. The walls are filled with pops of artwork– pieces made by the co-owner and a tinge of DIY “Casano” mural.

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The best dishes for me are:
Smoked Ham Croquettes- For a hundred pesos, this is definitely a bang for your buck. I can eat this all day every day because it’s perfectly crisp on the outside and perfectly savory and creamy on the inside. One of the best croquettes I tried was from an Australian organic cafe in Eastwood, and it was triple the price. So this is definitely my go-to croquette place from now on.
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Spinach and Cheese Cannelloni – I was actually torn between this or the Arabiatta, but I figured, quality Cannelloni is such a rare find in this area so I’d give this spot to Cannelloni instead. First of, I love spinach, so the ingredient itself made me drool. Second, I love cheese. Naturally, this dish was a total win for me. It was just so creamy and tasty, it’ll definitely make it to your “crave” list as you will constantly think of it a few days after consumption. I will go back for this pasta dish.
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Herb-crusted Salmon- This main entree is the most expensive from the bunch, but can you guess how much it is? 350 Php. Can you believe 350 is their most expensive dish?! Add even more plus points to Casano because for their main entrees, you can choose either fries, mash, or rice for your starch. The one we tried was Salmon and mash. It was perfectly cooked, seasoned, and the serving size was big for its price. I mean, what more can you ask for?
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The other dishes were commendable as well, but I chose these three because they deserve a standing ovation in my book.  I have yet to try their signature Rigatoni Tower (so please wait for my updated review on that! ) and more pasta dishes because you can create your own pasta here–choose the pasta, sauce, and topping ( you can also request it to be extra spicy or extra garlicky if you like) for a fail-proof dish. Desserts are good to try as well, and for palette cleanser between meals, order their cucumber lemonade!
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Go to their restaurant today!
172 JP Rizal St., San Roque, Marikina City
3pm-11pm open daily

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