SkinnyMint is said to be the easiest way to lose weight without changing your diet and torturing yourself in the gym.

It sounds too good to be true, right? But hey, they’ve got proof to show it. I’ve been on the lookout for these types of “slimming” teas so they sent me 2 sets for a 28-day teatox (and an extra pack of morning boost tea bags) to try it out and see if the SkinnyMint teas can still work its magic despite my foodie lifestyle. tinthescribbler-skinnymint-teatox (7)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I ALWAYS eat out. I’m already half way in the teatox program and despite my lifestyle, my body has adjusted to it pretty well.

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Teas have always been praised for their “slimming” powers but this one works double time and is very “user-friendly” as it doesn’t really have a complicated schedule. Just drink one in the morning everyday and one at night, every other night.  I say this because I tried two types of “slimming” teas already: Tiny Tea and the famous Biguerlai Tea. The first one was able to curb my appetite, but it didn’t do much after that. It also didn’t fit my lifestyle because I had to drink it 15 mins before I eat my meals–which isn’t really the most ideal because I’m always in a rush. The latter one made me go to the bathroom 3-5 times a day to the point that it wasn’t healthy anymore. It gave me cramps that woke me up in the middle of the night. It flushed out the toxins in my body but the pain of taking it wasn’t worth it.

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What I love most about SkinnyMint’s teatox program that I didn’t experience with the others is that it lived up to my expectations. It gave the results it promised. I swear, it was the easiest, safest, and most natural way to lose weight, curb the appetite, and reduce bloating. It also made me drink less coffee, because their Morning Boost Tea gives me the caffeine I need for the day.

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The SkinnyMint Morning Boost is expertly and uniquely formulated to boost energy levels through out the day and to naturally help control the appetite. It contains 8 super ingredients including Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Guarana with a sweet fruity taste. Ingredients in our Morning Boost are all natural and expertly formulated in Germany. Fragrant and delicious, it can replace your morning coffee or black tea, with more energy you can reduce your reliance on sugary drinks and sodas.

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At first I started drinking my Morning Boost Tea with healthy breakfast options such as oatmeal, cereals, and wheat bread. That only lasted for 3 days. HAHA! I went back to eating rice meals, processed food, and silogs (as it is our typical breakfast) on the 4th day onwards and I got a bit worried that it might not work anymore. I was wrong, the magic was still there. Ever since I started the teatox, I was eating less snacks, less sweets, and less junk food. The cravings were slowly disappearing so.

What I do is I drink the Morning Boost tea every morning with my breakfast, keep the bag and drink it again during lunch or after. Yes, I am aware you shouldn’t use a tea bag twice, but the flavors were strong enough anyway, so I maximized each tea bag and drank it twice during the day (before 3pm) to keep the cravings at bay.

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For the Night Cleanse, I drink it every other day after dinner starting the night of day 1. The taste is stronger but it has a kick of peppermint after every sip. I like tit because I prefer my teas and coffees in their “purest form”, so I like a strong-tasting tea. However, you can also add honey if you prefer.

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The Night Cleanse is a unique and expertly formulated tea that is designed to naturally cleanse the body. It is caffeine free and contains calming ingredients, so it is perfect to take in the evening.

Take one Night Cleanse once every alternate night; although, if you’re an experienced Teatoxer, you can try drinking Night Cleanse every night for maximum results. However, do listen to your body and if you feel unwell, please revert to taking it once every alternate night. It is recommended to consume this product a maximum of 14 times in a month and to take a break between taking the Night Cleanse.

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The night cleanse teas made me..err…go to the bathroom once or twice the morning after. And again, despite my foodie indulgences, it has never failed me. However, due to the adaptation of my body to the teas, I eat less than my normal food intake. Maybe it’s just a psychological effect (maybe it’s not) but since the cravings and “takaw tingin” mindset doesn’t exist anymore, I am more watchful with how much I taste/take per dish. I only get a little but I taste a lot (like a mini buffet in my plate) during foodie meet-ups and taste tests.

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When it comes to how the teas work, I am speechless. I cannot expose YET how many inches I lost because I want to finish the teatox program first (so please watch out for my next post) However, to give you an idea. I do feel lighter, I don’t feel gassy anymore, and my cravings are controllable now that they are almost nonexistent. I also feel that my skin looks less stressed. Most importantly, I don’t palpitate anymore because I rarely drink coffee.

tinthescribbler-skinnymint-teatox (13) Another thing I’d like to commend SkinnyMint with is their service. FYI, there is no shipping cost as they ship worldwide, for free. I also love how everything is said in their website but it’s not text heavy. That’s a big deal for me, because I want to absorb all the info I need FAST. Especially for this kind of product.tinthescribbler-skinnymint-teatox (15)

If you sign up and buy your 28 Day Ultimate Teatox you’ll also receive a guide on how to maximize your teatox! In addition to that, if you subscribe, you’ll  get emails on which exercises to do, which meals to try, and tips on how to stay focused on your teatox. It’s one big, loving SkinnyMint community and I’m proud to be part of it!

FOR MY NEXT CHALLENGE, since I have 2 more weeks left, I will really commit to a healthy diet and exercise. I will take 5-6 SMALL meals/day and deviate from resto features for a while. So stay tuned for that blog post as I will give you recipes, meal plans, and maybe even exercises and tips! :>


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