When you know you worked hard on something, the results are beyond rewarding.

That’s what I felt after I finished my 28-day SkinnyMint teatox. I lessened rice intake, opted for healthy options, drank lots of water, and exercised 2-3 times a week for at least 15 mins. It’s actually not that much, but seeing the results after those efforts convinced me that a proper diet is really the key to a healthier you. And with Skinny Mint’s help, it became possible!

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Before giving you tips and tricks on maximizing your SkinnyMint teatox diet, let me just give a short background on my body type. Our family’s body type belongs to the chubby side. Yes, we have that gene, and to add to that, I’m pretty big boned. I’ve been a dancer for 8 years of my life but I never had that super toned body. Thus the results you see from my teatox experience doesn’t really show a super toned body. But, it does a show a big difference from day 14 to day 28.

The result:

skinny mint 28-day teatox-things with tin (15) I don’t really want to expose my tummy in this blog post BUT I will show you the photos, just  >>> CLICK HERE<<<. There are 2 photos (side view and front view) , the one on the left is my day 14 tummy and the one on the right is my day 28 tummy. I swear, it’s unedited. (To my friends who will ask me that question again: you will be seenzoned. I don’t like repeating myself.) I took the photos right after I woke up, before eating breakfast. I took the photos in different rooms and it’s not the exact same angle but I hope you  see the difference. The results are pretty obvious for me as the lower part of my tummy downsized a few centimeters and it looked less bloated. Plus, it looked flatter! I think the results are more targetted to the tummy area because my arms and legs are still the same size. They will need more work in the future. Overall– I’m not skinny and slim, but I’m a step near my healthiest self!

A few observations:

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For the second half of the teatox I realized that my body was getting used to the teas. I’m not a nutritionist whatsoever but I think that made the teas a tad bit less effective. Just a teeny tiny bit. Because after taking the night cleanse tea, I poop after lunch. Compared to the first half of taking it, I poop before lunch.

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The morning boost tea still works in reducing my cravings but, I need it more concentrated for it to wake me up on the first half of the day. They’re not “deal breaker” type of observations, to be honest. I just made a few adjustments. Besides, my body is different from your body, so the case might be different  for you.

My diet

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For breakfast, I really couldn’t stay away from processed meat but I did stay away from rice by substituting with 1-2 slices or rolls of wheat bread or not eating it at all.

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For lunch, I eat whatever is served at home, but I eliminate the carbs. On special cases, (if the food we have at home is super unhealthy), I order salads and sandwiches or whip up a bowl of instant oatmeal.

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For my snacks, since I have 2-3 snacks per day, I opt for healthy options such as fruits, granola bars, and rice bars. I eat the first half in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. Or, I drink something healthy and satisfying like a coldpressed drink or a glass of smoothie. And lastly, I indulge in 3-4 pieces of good good cookie. These cookies have been a mainstay in my diet because they taste like chocnut (but an uber healthier version of it)! They’re flourless, vegan, nutrient-rich, and made with all-natural ingredients (no added oils, extenders or preservatives). They’re rich in fiber and has a low glycemic index rating so they don’t cause blood sugar spikes (that leads to sugar cravings). These cookies have lessened my cravings for sweets–like a good sweet to combat bad sweets!

Cheat days

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On cheat days, I feast on: coffee, Japanese food, and pizza. I can’t completely say goodbye to those 3 so whenever that day comes, I order those with my boyfriend and/or friends. Some of my cheat days are not on weekends because of work and catch-up dates with friends, when that happens, I adjust the rest of my diet and get back on track.

Other benefits

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I went through the month without getting major breakouts.  I have oily skin so when that time of the month arrives, my skin goes crazy oily resulting to 4-5 pimples on my face. For this month, I only got 2 tiny ones! Also, my tummy felt less bloated (just like last time). I also felt lighter and less lazy, and that really helped me in finishing my daily tasks at work. The most big-time result of all is that I feel full easily. I rarely eat large amounts of food anymore because little servings are enough to satisfy me.  

Final Thoughts:
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Overall, I’d like to say that my 28-day SkinnyMint Teatox was a success! It really is ideal for me since I generally don’t like changing my whole diet plan just to lose weight. I just opted for healthier options and portion control and now that Skinny Mint is part of my diet , those simple sacrifices went a long way. I can even try to not completely change my eating habits and I know I’ll still shed a few pounds. I am completely sold on this product and would definitely repurchase (you’ll know if I did on my Instagram account).

However, if you’re on a really tight budget and can only afford 1 product, I highly suggest you get Skinny Mint’s night cleanse. Results won’t be that extreme because the teas are better together, but it will still give you results.

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I am now almost a week off the SkinnyMint’s 28-day Teatox challenge. So far, so good. I’m planning to have another 28-day teatox on either December or January, but from this day forward, I’ll be more strict with my diet. I’m saying goodbye to sugar and will designate my finances to grocery shopping so I can eat more fruits, veggies, and lean meat! (Goodbye, makeup and clothing hauls. 😦 huehue)

I was tough but finishing this teatox really pushed me to go further–no more excuses! Let’s all get fit starting NOW!

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