I have been blogging since 2011 and sad to say that all throughout those years I stuck to a niche that I wasn’t passionate about.


I couldn’t sustain my blog’s content and vaguely categorized it under “lifestyle” because it was about anything I was “feeling” at the moment. It was about myself– my life, my looks, the restaurants I ate at, places I travelled to, what I thought about a few products, what made my week Instagram-worthy, etcetera. There was no depth in it. Although it was about me, my blog wasn’t who I am. I’m not all about those things as there other things in my life I can talk passionately about.

I want a blog that will be useful to someone. A blog that is more than just to “give inspiration”. I want to go beyond my blog as a diary and focus on my blog as your go-to site for things that would help you in life.

In a sense, my blog is still about myself because things written in it are anchored from my experiences but it will not focus on my personal life. This time I am going to write something that would benefit YOU– the twenty-something girl who’s figuring out life as a newbie in the world wide remote workforce. We will hunt for coffices in the metro, go through the motions together, rant about adult life, and share tips and tricks as a working girl who’s not confined within the 4 walls of an office. This is what my NEW BLOG, Coffice Hunter, will focus on.


Just to be clear, I will still write about beauty, fashion, food, and events but only from an angle that is useful to a (future) career woman. No more OOTDs, no more restaurant reviews, no more random lists because those are just based on what’s trending (for me, at least). Those kinds of things will be on my other social media platforms. My Instagram account will serve as my visual coffice diary, my Zomato account will hold all my resto reviews, my Pinterest for inspirations, and twitter for personal, random things. I think it will work better that way, don’t you think?

So yes, I just wanted to give you a heads up. I know work-at-home careers may not be a popular choice in the blogging world here in the Philippines but that’s exactly why I chose it. I really believe you can create your own path, your own career, your own rules. So I hope you stick around when that kind of content comes around.

Now that’s everything’s clear, I now bid my “selfie” blog Goodbye.

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