I know it’s too early for me to suggest something like this since I’ve only been in the workforce for only a year. So just take this as my version of the usual “new year, new me” post everyone has in their blogs since we all want to be better at our jobs anyway. (right? haha)

6 Essential Skills for you to be better at your job- tinadvincula.wordpress.com

You can use this as your guide to be noticed by your boss and finally get that promotion! #fingerscrossed


I know I’ve said this in my previous blog post but I just have to reiterate it since a big percentage of our jobs rely heavily on communicating something to someone. This includes exchanging emails, talking to your co-workers (maybe even confronting them? hmm), and presenting a deck to your clients and/or bosses. Explaining things better to them will take you a long way as it will help them understand what you have in mind, what they need to do, and how you’re going to deliver various tasks. It’s basically the backbone of anything and everything in your to-do list.


I work in the media industry which means my job involves a lot of creative thinking–right from curating content up to executing campaigns. But I tell you, even if you’re not working in a creative industry, creative thinking is a laudable skill to have. Creativity comes in handy even in the simple things, like coming up with new methods to explain your services or fresh ways to be more engaging with your clients. Creative thinking is what will propel you closer to that promotion and consequently, to top of corporate ladder.



There will be times that you’ll encounter problematic situations and there’s no one else to fix it but you. (Even if it’s not your fault.) This process of “troubleshooting”, of handling pressure at a difficult time, is a make or break situation. If you encounter problems–fix it. Analyze the root of the problem and think of doable solutions that will satisfy both parties. If you don’t succeed, apologize. But always, always try your best to work out all the angles of the problem before you totally give up on it.



The work place isn’t the place for you to mess things up (literally and figuratively). I read an article back in college about why chefs do their “miz-en-place”, an Italian phrase that pertains to the labels of all the ingredients they need for their dishes. It’s like their prerequisite to the actual prep time. With this metaphor in mind, treat your daily tasks as dishes to be served at their highest quality. You can’t cram it all in one go. You have to divide the task into bits and pieces so that you can do it perfectly through every step. Being organized gives you two advantages: time management and productivity–and that’s the type of discipline you’d want your boss to see.



If there’s one thing we learned from all those Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and National Geographic shows it’s this–animals adapt. That’s basically what kept them alive. Like nature, the workplace is an ever changing environment (lolling at this reference but it’s true). One day you’re steady and chill with your daily tasks then suddenly your boss requests you to be part of a project you know nothing about. What do you do? You, adapt–know more about the project, search ways or ask those with experience on how to be a master (or close to a master) at the tasks in line with the project and then execute the project like a pro. In other words, always be willing and ready to learn.

This isn’t really a skill. It’s more of an adjective to describe oneself, yet it’s one of those things you just can’t go without. Even if it’s not who you are as person, as an employee, you have to fulfill a role that requires you to be outgoing. Converse with people, network, and (if possible) be a ray of sunshine amidst the dull atmosphere of your workplace. Remember, no one wants to work with such a negative, anti-social person. Just do your job with a smile on your face and people would find it a pleasant experience working with you!


Hopefully, this was a big help to some of you. Did some of these skills work for you at your workplace?  How did you become better at your job?

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