Having a blogger background when entering the workforce has gotten a negative connotation to SOME companies.

Why Being a Blogger Is an Advantage to Your Resume- tinadvincula.wordpress.com
Bloggers have a certain stereotype–that they’re only there because they have a hidden agenda, or that they’re arrogant and lazy like the rest of the generation they belong to (another bad stereotype). Employers who have met such bloggers are probably not filtering out the right ones from wrong ones.

Bloggers are just like any other applicant, except they already have an edge over other candidates that is of a BIG advantage to your media/digital/publishing/marketing company. And I thought you oughta which ones they are.


I’d like to think that bloggers’ confidence are misunderstood as arrogance. A blogger’s main product is herself–her presence, writing, photos, and marketing skills. She presents these to clients every single time, therefore, she is always to talking to people making sure she doesn’t make a fool out of herself. That’s when confidence comes to the rescue. She has learned to be confident in herself through time and that makes a very good impression to job interviews and to the actual job itself.

events 2

One of the things that media people do most of the time is going to events. Which, surprise! Bloggers also do. Events are part of their daily routine. They usually work their way around a set of events per day or per week. Thus, when you say to a blogger “you’ll be going a lot of events, etc. etc.”, it won’t intimidate her. Event places are her playground and taking notes, photos, and conversing with people behind the brand WHILE updating her social media account are the tasks she knows all too well.


Speaking of talking to people behind the brand, she probably has tons of business cards from various companies up her sleeve. When a brand taps her for campaigns, collaborations, and events, they do it through the brand’s PR/Marketing person. They exchange emails and even meet each other in person. If that doesn’t establish a solid network, I dunno what does.


A blogger is never without an Instagram and Twitter account (Facebook pages are optional, but most bloggers have one) so she’s always a package deal. Aside from readers, she has a social media following that caters to a brand’s target market. This is a big deal because it’s another selling point when companies hire someone. Just look at the big names in the industry: Jin Perez, Suki Salvador, and Rain Dagala–they all have thousands of followers following their every step.


Blogging takes a lot of creative efforts such as writing and taking photos. Editing is another thing to consider on top of marketing her blog post. She lives on creativity as much as other creative-based jobs. What she does actually plays between the lines of creativity and business. That kind of training she learned from sheer experience resulted to a unique creative aesthetic and formation of taste that stays faithful to who she is.


Since bloggers are used doing everything all at once, (which not a healthy practice, but let’s face it, it works) she can take almost whatever’s thrown at her. She blogs, contributes to magazines or newspapers, does fashion styling on the side, and even runs a marathon on weekends. This is because, like most people in her generation, she’s passionate about a lot of things–and she makes it happen no matter what.

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Last but not the least, she’s not scared of the fast-paced life at all. In fact, she has lived through it year after year as a blogger. Juggling so many things under little time can take a toll on others who are just diving right into it. Thankfully, she can do what your fast-paced company demands, and do so with flying colors.


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