I’ve been seeing a lot of crazy news in my Facebook timeline lately—the spread of the Zika virus, the Return of The Kings’ international meet up, and even news about how some of my favorite fashion brands have questionable ways on running their business.

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As a person who sits in front of a computer whole day busting her brains out writing lifestyle content, I cannot help but feel helpless. How does my job help out society—as in ACTUALLY help out? You know, something more than just spreading information about these issues and really doing something about it without quitting my job and losing all my money.

I’ve considered volunteering for organizations, which is something you should totally do if you really have the time and funds for it for the long run (volunteering should be taken seriously and not just short-term). However, since I’m still starting out, I cannot afford to commit. If you feel my pain and frustration, here’s a no B.S. list of good deeds you can do at your time, pace, without shelling too much funds that produce high-impact and/or long-term results to make the world a better place.

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  1. Boycott bad brands

When I say “bad”, I mean, those that have no integrity in how they make money. Like, imprisoning workers inside their factories so they can produce more clothes is just inhumane. Or maybe, those beauty brands that tests on animals? You can even boycott restaurants if they serve turtle soup, shark’s fin, and dog meat. Take advantage of technology, read up, and educate yourself. Be a smart and ethical buyer. Opt for ukay-ukay instead or support local brands for a much more conscientious purchase.

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  1. Try not to produce more waste

Did you know how much waste we produce per year? A whooping 36,172.50 tons! And take note, that was 15 years ago. How much more now?  What’s even more frustrating is that not all of those are biodegradable and resusable, so they just end up in a pile of non-decomposing trash or worse—in the sea. If you make an effort to change your lifestyle so you produce less waste per day, Mother Nature will definitely reward you. You can do this by bringing things such as your own cups/mugs and eco bags when you buy something. Using cloth instead of tissue, making your own products instead of buying them, and reusing everything  you can.

Get ideas from this girl in the video!

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  1. Put your money to good use

Maybe it’s your birthday and you got some money to spend on your special day. Instead of having a grand celebration, why not do something good for others?  Gather all your clothes, or cook a nutritious meal for 20-30 people (Check out some recipes here)and go to an area near you and do some rounds. Do the actually giving and immerse yourself to helping out. You’ll find that it’s so much more satisfying than just letting someone else do the legwork for you.

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  1. If you witness something bad happening to someone, act on it.

If you see or something bad is about to happen to stranger, like, someone’s about to be robbed, or raped, or harassed–ACT ON IT. Report it immediately to the authorities, inform the police or guards in the area, or just tell it to someone you think can handle the situation.  You can even put your phone to good use by recording a video and filing it as your report. It may not do much, but it’s a step closer.

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5. Be vocal about it.

If you’ve decided to do these things, be vocal about it. Use the power of social media, or tell your friends, family, colleagues that you’re taking this step for a better world. However, you also have to keep your promise. This lifestyle change is not going to be easy and you might even go back to your old ways if you lose focus. Stay strong and if you must call out someone (but in a civil and gentle way), do so.  Not everyone will understand your cause but at least you got them thinking.

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BONUS: Be kind to everyone

I know it’s cheesy but kindness is so hard to come by nowadays. I admit that I’m guilty of making a scene when I don’t get proper service, or if a random stranger bumps into me while I’m walking. Here’s the thing—you don’t know their story, but you know your story and you’re better than what you’re about to do (like, blow up. Maybe?) Control your anger, smile often, and just be a ray of sunshine to someone who may or may not be going through hardships.

Once you decide to take this lifestyle change, let me know! So we can support each other. I will also try to update this list every month so let me know your suggestions in the comments below!


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