One of the things that I struggle with every day is what to bring to work. Do I bring my whole makeup kit? How about my gadget essentials and my “last minute” event needs? Well, it boils down to what fits inside this utility bag.

success in a

It’s an A4/A3 size (not sure hehe) sling bag. It’s pretty basic but it also catches a lot of attention because of its design. And that’s what you want, btw. Nothing too over the top because you’re going to work, but when an event arises that you need to be a bit more fashionable, it also satisfies that demand. So enough about the bag, what’s inside is much more important.

success in a bag-productivity-tinadvincula.wordpress.comPlanner | Notebook | Watch

You might be wondering why I still bring these bulky things with me to work when I have a smartphone that contains apps like these anyway. It’s because I’m STILL a notetaker in this tech-driven world. It’s what makes me remember things better because I actully exert effort in writing it down. For the watch, well, I need it for two reasons–it’s my go-to workwear accessory and it keeps me in track of how many hours I spend on a certain task. (I’ll tell you all about my productivity hacks in my future posts. :> )

success in a

Base: foundation, concealer, blush | Eyes: Mascara & Eyeliner | Lips: Lip Balm & Matte Lipstick/ Gloss

I don’t bring my whole makeup kit to work daily but I do bring my essentials in a small makeup kit. For special days when I have to contour, highlight, add falsies, put on eye makeup and such, I rely on my makeup kit that’s already inside my pedestal. Do keep that in mind. Since you can leave stuff in your desk/pedestal/locker, leave the bulky things there like your heels, tumbler, and bigger makeup bag so you don’t always have to bring it.

And if you’re wondering, I only do the no makeup look. No dramatic eyeliner and eye makeup because that’s too distracting in the office anyway. (Except for days when I feel like Beyonce, I go glam with my lip and eye makeup. LOL) Plus, my mascara doubles up as my brow product. I can basically do my makeup in 5-10 minutes.

success in a

 Book | Tea

These two are optional because I already have them stashed in my pedestal. However, there are days when I just need a good read while I’m commuting. This combo refreshes my brain better than browsing through social media. ( I do that all day anyway, so might as well take a break) And of course, it makes me go through my book list faster.

success in a

 Alcohol | Emergency Medicine | Breath Mints | Powerbank

These are my event essentials that I bring every day because my job usually requires going to events at the last minute. (Blame the PR peeps, lol) First off, I’m sort of a germophobe. And there’s something about interacting with people in different places that calls for isopropyl alcohol. Second, my eyes are extra sensitive and prone to redness. When that happens, I bring out my eye drops for an instant cure. Third, I bring breathmints so that my mouth doesn’t smell like the last meal I ate when I talk/interview people. Lastly, since events equire a lot of social meda coverage, my powerbank always comes in handy when my phone runs out of juice.

In addition to all these things are my phone, phone wires (charger, earphones), wallet, card organizer, and my company id. Bringing these things are important because I’m equipped for the things I’m scheduled to do and might do for the day. It makes me feel a step closer to success!

Let me know what you bring to work on a daily basis!

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