I’m working with one of the most creative people in our office and from him I picked up work ethics that I would like to be adapted by my team in the future. It may not be the most ideal, but it works for creatives like us.

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He prefers for us to work on our own as long as we submit everything on the dot. He doesn’t micromanageanything because he believes and trusts us ot adhere to the deadline. Another thing that I’m pretty surprised with was that and he valued our days off. He’s not a big fan of crammers and “overtimers”. He believes that our days off, leaves, and weekends are as important as doing work itself because that’s our time to cultivate our creative energy and replenish our ideas. Which, to be honest, is the money-maker for ANY job.

From his practices I discovered other reasons why travelling is essential–whether you have a creative, corporate, or home-based career.


Traveling is productive

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Traveling is a productive activity. Think of it as your “research” or “meditation” time right before you take on a big task at work. Travel is your “kabig” so you have more to give when its game time.  Make travel a regular part of your life. Aside from your usual weekend trips to the mall, make it a point to schedule a trip somewhere (it doesn’t have to be far or outside the country). It’s for your productive break–so you can take a closer look at life outside the office and generate more ideas.


Traveling gives you a break from the city life

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The city life, especially in Manila, is congested, polluted, noisy, and all-around stressful. If you experience that kind of environment 7 days a week you’ll be too tired to face yet another “stressful” environment at work. You need a break from all of that. That’s what my boyfriend and I wanted to get away from when we went to Fukuoka, Japan. The place was just really calm, clean, and beautiful–it really rejuvenated our minds.

Traveling helps you find yourself back

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Being too absorbed in your work is uncontrollable. (Yes, I’m talking to you workaholics) You get so lost in it that even your personal time is spent thinking about work. Travel is a great way for you to reset that and get some real date time with yourself and maybe a significant other. Unload and rethink your goals, dreams, and plans for the future. In the process, you get to know yourself better and deeper.

Traveling doesn’t give you a sense of control

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I know that some of you loooove making plans (like me). The beauty of travelling to another place is that there are things you cannot control. Maybe you miscalculated the traffic causing you to stop over somewhere random for lunch, and then you discover that that random place actually serves the best-tasting favorite dish of yours! (or you meet a super cute yet harmless stranger) See? It’s good to give “destiny” a chance to mess things up for you so have a memorable experience. Plus, it’s good to take a break on deciding for once.

Travelling produces great stories

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We live for stories, and travel is a way to create that. It’s more than just taking photos of sunsets and eating Instagrammable food. It is by displacing yourself away from home that you find unique stories about life on the other side. It’s both an amazing and humbling experience–seeing how everything is so different but in truth, you’re all living in the same world, you just live life differently.

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