Technology has given our generation a lot of “side effects” but you can’t deny that it has changed the way we live. It is now easier for us to search for a recipe, call a friend, and schedule our week even if we have to do last minute changes. So yes, it is a must to invest in these techy things. And here’s my list of things that you SHOULD invest on when you start working the 9-5.

6 Techy Things You Need To Invest In

Aside from giving you the ultimate #workdeskgoals, gadgets make our lives easier by doing things faster and more efficiently.(can you imagine handwriting every single email?) Back when I was in college I couldn’t live without my phone, but now that I’m working, I realized that there are other techy things I should invest on to keep me alive–literally and figuratively

I have a longer list of techy essentials for work, but I narrowed it down for you so you now what to save up for first.

A laptop with a good battery life and features to make your job easier

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Whether you’re working from home or not, it’s time to say goodbye to your almost broken laptop and invest in one that has good battery life and specs that you need for the nature of your work.

*Actually, I just recently invested in a Macbook Air and we’ve been smooth sailing ever since!

Mobile phone = work mobile

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Yes, this is a necessity. A good mobile phone can help you do work on the go. Just download apps like Gmail, google sheets, google docs, Evernote, and Slack for instant access.

A powerbank that lets you charge your phone multiple times

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You cannot survive life in Manila without a power bank. There are tons in the market that are around 2,000 Php or less that gives you 10 mAH or more.

A (sorta) blazing fast pocket wifi

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Never worry about wifi ever again! I suggest you apply for a plan from one of the 3 telecom companies so you don’t worry about loading it with credits every now and then.

Earphones/headphones to supplement your productivity

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This one’s an investment for creatives like video editors, but I also think this is good for everyone as music is a great way to up your productivity. Plus, you can’t play your music out loud whenever wherever. LOL

Hardcore external hard drive for all your work

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All that good work needs a home! (Even if you do have a laptop with big memory, ’cause you’ll never know…) Keep your files in a safe place so can access to it anywhere you go.

Now that you have a list on which techy work essentials to invest on, it’s time to get saving money. (Do you want me to do a post on this?) I promise you, it will all be worthwhile in the end. Good luck!

Speaking of work, here’s a video from Teni Panosian (one of my fave youtubers) to get some serious #workspace inspo.

Which techy work essentials do you want to add to this list? Tell me in the comments below!

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