One of the best things about working from home is that you’re not confined inside the four walls of a building . This is the biggest perk of my job and it’s a necessity for me as a creative. I am only able to do my best work when I’m inspired and fueled by my surroundings. That’s where workation comes in.

#WorkFromAnywherePH: Workation At Sabangan Beach Resort 

The meaning of workation for other people is when someone travels for work (like, for a business meeting or an event) It’s basically the same for me, except that I have total control of when and where I want to go. It’s like me and my work’s alone time. Here are some of workation/#workfromanywhereph posts on Instagram know more about it.
I usually work at home and at cafes, thus the birth of #cofficehunter  , but there are days when I crave something other than the smell of coffee, the sight of wooden tables, and other people on their laptops. (I know, surprising) These are when I long for an entirely different vibe altogether–a place where I can enjoy the scenery and do my work in solitude. 
With that said, my first official workation post for this blog is a collaboration with Sabangan Beach Resort . I’m super happy they partnered with me for my first because their resort is perfect for me and my work. 

Homey Accommodation 

It houses a community of travelers within a space that looks like a house–literally. It’s unusual because instead of seeing typical hotel-like rooms and sterile colors, you see earthy colors, spacious patios with rocking chairs, and a gazebo where everyone can bask in the beauty of the sand, sky, and sea. 
My friends and I stayed at Narra 1B Cottage, a mini home with 2 comfortable beds good for 4 people and a simple, no B.S. bathroom. It has the essentials: towels, toiletries, a satellite flat screen TV (where I can attach my flash drive to watch Ghibli movies), a mini ref, and an AC.
Outside is a patio with a coffee table, which I think is perfect for card games and beer, a rocking chair where I can space out and zone in, and a sink at the side.

Simple and Useful Amenities

After doing a few hours of work inside the room I went out to the gazebo to do intensive editing. The gazebo is my favorite place in the whole resort because it functions like my coffice for the whole stay. It’s the most feel-at-home coffice I have ever been to. 
Aside from swimming at the beach and pool, you can also go kayaking for a bit of exercise. There’s an area where you can play beach volleyball but the sand’s too heavy so I don’t suggest doing it. You also can’t run along the shore because of that. It’s quite difficult to lift one leg after another when you’re walking, more so when you’re doing other activities. However, if you’re up for that challenge go ahead. Tell me how it goes. 
Working makes me hungry so I eat snacks in between when I need extra brain fuel. Since they only serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner you’ll find your dose junk food, crackers, and candy at their sari-sari store. They’re priced higher than usual, so I suggest you go to the beach and look for the manongs and manangs who sell taho, dirty ice cream, and other snacks local in the area. 
I also got a bit of #Girlboss reading done in one of their hammocks. This one wasn’t in front of my room, btw. So my reading spree only lasted for 5 minutes, just enough to take this photo. LOL. I hope they have more of these, though. 

The Peaceful Community

Workation ended right before dinner and I got to full vacation mode with Hans and my friends dinner time onwards. I like meal times in Sabangan because everyone gathers in the pavilion like one big family. It’s a small and intimate resort so eating is a desirable experience free from the noise of everyone talking. The only noise I heard were from plates and utensils and an occasional loud discussion between friends. Other than that, everybody keeps calm. And oh, they serve Filipino food too. I particularly enjoyed their lomi (a must eat when you’re in the area), pork binagoongan, bistek, and good ‘ol Batangas brew during breakfast.

Rest & Relaxation

After a few conversations about Pinoy celebrity gossip, a topic we all surprisingly enjoy, Ghibli movies, and our travel bucket list, we went back to our room and plugged in my flash drive to the TV. We watched the first 4 episodes of Strangers Things while sipping on white wine that the hotel owner gave us fo free. We’re not wine drinkers, so it was a great ego boost between the 4 of us. #feelingfancy
Before leaving we watched “Whisper of The Heart”–Hans and I’s favorite Ghibli film and went for a final swim at the beach. Workation is done and we’re all fulfilled with our dose peace away from the city. 
Know more about Sabangan Beach Resort through their website and social media accounts here. I know they currently have a September Summer Sale so you better book before cottages run out. 

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You can go to Sabangan via commute like we did. Just ride the ALPS Bus going to San Juan, Batangas (ticket costs 198 Pesos/person). It’s 3-4 hour drive from their Cubao terminal. Go down at the terminal and take a jeep or tricycle going to Laiya. Just tell the driver you’re off to Sabangan Beach Resort and they’ll drop you right in front of the resort’s lobby area.
Thank you for reading my post. Here’s a video compilation of how the resort looks like:
Overall, the trip was a perfect balance or productivity and rest, which was exactly what I needed.
Have you ever tried workationing somewhere before or are you interested in trying it out? Let me know in the comments below!

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