Instagram is something that I cannot get out of my system. It’s my go-to platform to know who’s relevant and what’s trending. So yeah, it has a significance in my job, I don’t just use it to snoop around people’s lives.

Make social media work for you during those “unproductive” break times at work by following these accounts!

Things On The Web: 9 Instagram Accounts Career Women Should Follow

Since I spend a lot of time scrolling through various feeds, I make sure I follow accounts that will also be of help to me. So instead of having pointless social media scrolling, I’m actually looking at content that inspires me.

Here are the 9 Instagram accounts that inspire me to be better at my job and life in general.

Career Advice: careercontesa


This is an account that keeps me sane whenever I need that extra push to tick off tasks on my checklist. It also gives useful advice to yuppies like me who are still establishing themselves in the workforce.

Career and Lifestyle Tips : careergirldaily


This account shares relatable content about the lifestyle of a career girl–from money advice to the perfect clothes to wear in an interview.

Coffee & Fashion Porn : coffeenfashion


I run on coffee and I know you do too. Well, let these coffee and fashion photos keep you going! Her feed is perfectly curated. Can I say #feedgoals? YES.

Girl Power: girlboss


Sophia Amoruso, the author or #Girlboss, is my personal girlboss crush. I listen to her podcast wherein she talks to other girlbosses about how they achieved their goals so we can learn from their stories. Those lessons and stories are summarized in one short social media post in this Instagram account. And that reminds me to just keep doing my thing, because not all success stories go through the same path.

Grammar: grammar_tips


Brushing up on grammar never hurt anybody. Besides, you’ll be sending tons of emails in your job, might as well do it right.

Wordspiration & Basic Digital Marketing : nooovle 


Noovle is an account that shares both digital marketing tips and life tips. I’m also a fan of their simple yet direct copy.

All About #Adulting: quarterlifepoetry


This account is pure gold–a witty take on the yuppie’s everyday struggle in #adulting.

All Things Pretty : thegorgeousmess


This is actually a lifestyle store but I follow it to remind me that someday, I will get to decorate my future home office with all these pretty things.

Faith : wordstoflesh


Being reminded of my faith and God’s love daily is always a good thing. And honestly, it’s the best motivation you’ll get to be excellent at your job.


I hope this short list helped you out. Follow them (and follow me!) for daily inspiration about work and life in general. And oh, I’m now curating photos for my Instagram account! Use the hashtags #cofficehunter and #workfromanywherePH so I can share your photos on my account!

Watch interview video of my girlboss crush, Sophia Amoruso, from Evan Carmichael‘s youtube channel for more inspiration!

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

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