Right when I walked in I knew Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room wasn’t a place that serves what its name says. (Pardon me, I’m an uncultured swine. LOL) The interior was Swanky with a capital S. Floors were made of patterned tiles, there was a bar, a special room surrounded by bottles of wine, and the lights, oh the lights! The mixture of gray and dark wood made it all the more high-end. This is definitely a restaurant you’d like to look a bit dressed up.

Toast boasts of their cocktails and a roster of beer, wine, tequila, gin–you name it! And this special area you see below is a tasting room where you can try and bask in all the liquor goodness.


Now, I’m not exactly a girl who can hold my drink. I enjoy a glass or two, but that’s it. I’ll end up asleep in a corner if you give me one more glass. What I do enjoy is coffee–black, latte, cappuccino, cold brew, drip, anything that has caffeine, I’ll have it. So when I found out that Toast now serves coffee, I jumped for joy!

Here are a few photos of what a usual #cofficehunter‘s “work station” looks like. I enjoyed the latte, btw. No need to add sugar!

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Clearly, Toast’s drinks aren’t the only the items worth checking out. They serve a roaster of dishes swimming in Asian flavors–spicy, salty, garlicky, and even gingery. These were dishes that made our palettes happy that day:

Appetizers: Tom Yum Meatballs and Chicken and Pork Belly Yakitori


Mains: Top Sirloin with Onion Compote, Twice-Cooked Pork with Salted  Egg Fried Rice, Longganisa Pasta, and Toast Pasta restaurant-ayala-30th-mall-pasig-toast-asian-kitchen9

Desserts & Cocktails: Dark Chocolate Mousse, Tapioca & Mango Trifle.


Know more about the dishes in my Zomato review here!


The Twice-cooked pork with salted egg rice is my ultimate favorite! I can eat this all by myself, honestly.


Here’s a peek of their menu.


Overall, Toast is both perfect for foodies and #cofficehunters like us. I think the photos speak for themselves. Expect a satisfied palette and filled tummy afterward, you won’t regret it!

I’ll be back here to try out the rest of their dishes and update this post. Stay tuned!

Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room

Monday – Saturday 11 AM to 2 PM, 5 PM to 12:00 AM | Sunday 11 AM to 2 PM, 5 PM to 12:30 PM | Ground Floor, Ayala Malls The 30th, Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City

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