So, it’s the most-awaited long weekend and guess what? You have no #vitaminsea or #staycation plans. Bummer. Or is it, really? For me, it’s not much of a loss because there’s a looooot of things I can do at home–some productive while some are just plain old #lazyAF lifestyle.

25 Things You Can Do At Home On The Long Weekend

There’s nothing wrong with not having concrete plans for the long weekend. If you reaally think about it, going to another place outside your home complicates things and for a 4-day long vacation, you just don’t want to spend too much physical, emotional, and intellectual (+ financial) efforts. To cut it short–doing “nothing” is actually quite good. You get the rest you need. However, you don’t want to be bored the whole time.

Here are some of the things you can do to take advantage of the long weekend!

1. Go through your “saved” posts on Facebook and read them

2. Listen to podcasts, here are my favorites:  (girlboss) & (grammar girl)

3. Go to Pinterest and create a mood board for your next home project (like your workspace, maybe?)

4. Create a vision board to remind yourself of your goals

5. Write a blog post. (I know you have a blog, unearth it and write something! ) OR write in your journal


6. Exercise OR eggs and rice (they sorta sound the same, so it works)

7. Refresh your foreign language lessons (for me it’s Japanese)

8. Drink tea while reading a book

9. Create an Excel sheet for your books. (Like your own Dewey decimal system)

10. Clean and organize your room


11. Fix your closet (segregate the into 3 piles: keep, repair, give)

12. Clean your makeup and makeup brushes

13. Go the grocery

14. Meal prep

15. Try new recipes


16. Write down your Christmas wish list and consequently,

17. Write down the people you’ll give gifts to this Christmas and start canvassing online!

18. Have quiet time

19. Binge watch a series recommended by someone else

20. Watch makeup tutorials and try to recreate the look


21. Invite your friends at home and play board games

22. Play your favorite online game!

23. Go through memory lane

24. Teach your dog a new trick

25. Eat, sleep, repeat!


And that’s it! It’s not so bad to stay at home during the long weekend after all, is it? Take this time to do something you’ve always wanted to do–something that’s not work-related, because your vacation is just as important as work!

If you have other things to add to this list, let me know in the comments below!

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