Whether you like it or not, you need to save money. If you’re a 20-something who wants to take adulthood a notch higher, it’s time to give saving a huge part in your life with these investment purchases!

1. Insurance


Basically, insurance is a foolproof way to save money. There different types of plans you can choose from but for starters, I suggest you look into life and health insurance. The earlier you start, the more money you’ll have when the rainy days come. And yes, I used “when” and not “if”, we can’t be complacent! We have to be ready.

2. Health


I’m one of those people who will do anything to buy the latest gadget but think twice about having my annual check-up or monthly dentist appointment. WRONG. Investing in your health means investing in your well-being. I’m talking about vitamins, check-ups, healthy food items, and maybe even a gym membership. Trust me, prevention is better than cure.

3. Schooling, Workshops, Books


Never ever shortchange yourself in education. To put it straightforwardly, the more you know, the more skills you’ll have, the more you’re worth.

4. Laptop and Other Gadgets


I work from home (anywhere) so it’s pretty obvious that I should invest in a laptop that would last me years. Investing in gadgets also applies to content creators, online business owners, and everyone else who’s looking into earning online–which is what our Millennial generation is known for.

5. Quality Clothes, Shoes, and Bags


Gone are the days of buying from cheap (and unethical) fast fashion labels. It’s time to invest in the good buys (little by little, at least). I’m not saying everything should be from designers, but go for brands that really go for quality over quantity. And choose timeless pieces that you know you’ll wear (at least until) you’re 40.

6. Future Car & Apartment


Now we’re entering the future, you need to invest in it! If you’re looking into buying your own car and apartment/townhouse/house/condo and such you have to save up for it! Or at least look into personal bank loans and prepare for the huge installment plans they offer. This is especially true who wants to raise their own family. Trust me, the spendings will be higher during that time, and you have to prepare.

7. Furniture & Appliances For Your Future Apartment


In line with #6, you also have to think about the stuff you need to put inside your apartment. You can go for made-to-order items or quality brands that focus on certain items. Like, Sealy, for example. They specialize in posturepedic beds than can last up to 25 years! I mean, if that doesn’t sound like an investment, I don’t know what is. You should also consider appliances such as a good refrigerator, stove, oven, air conditioning and such.

8. A Future Business Investment


Last but not the least, think about venturing into business. You need to have more than one source of income and I suggest that the other source is something that’s entirely yours. Like a food cart, an online business, or stocks. There tons of options. If it goes well. you’ll feel financially secured for the time being, and if for good!

Did I miss anything out? Let me know if you have more investment suggestions by commenting below!

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