I’ve been on the fence about staying at hostels. Whether it’s a short or long trip, I always go for an Airbnb. You see, when you’re a remote worker, the place you should stay at should also be work-friendly. That’s why Airbnbs were always on top of my list. You get your privacy, a work-friendly area, and free pocket wifi. But I wanted to give hostels a fair chance.


5 Things Remote Workers Look For In A Hostel

A few months ago I took the plunge and booked a hostel for my Singapore trip. It wasn’t easy booking one, honestly, but I ended up booking my stay at Adler Luxury Hostel. Here are the 5 things I considered before I decided Adler was the best hostel for me.

1. Location: The hostel should be near the city


Location is the most obvious advantage hostels have over Airbnbs. As I’ve observed during my grueling research, hostels in Singapore are found mostly in Chinatown, Clarke Quay, and Bugis area. All of these locations are near 4 things: 1. train and bus stations, 2. cheap establishments for your essentials, 3. tourist hot spots, and 4. business centers. Whereas Airbnbs are usually found in residential areas where it’s a bit tricky to commute and the shops you’ll find are a bit expensive. If you calculate the costs, hostels found near the city are a bit higher in price (just a bit) but then again, consider that if you’re already at the center, commuting is cheap and your stay is less hassle. That’s why Adler Luxury Hostel was perfect, it’s right in front a bus station!

2. Workability: It should be open to co-workers and remote workers


This isn’t an official “thing” yet for hostels but Adler already claimed the title and is now hosting coworkers in their hostel.  This is amazing, especially if you’ll travel with a team and you need to go the same places at the same time or if you have an emergency meeting somewhere within or near the hostel. You can work peacefully throughout your stay!

3. Co-residents: It should host the right crowd


It’s tricky how to know if the hostel has… “the right crowd”. First, you have to establish what’s “right” for you. For me, the ideal hostel neighbors should either be remote workers, older travelers, and Singaporean residents. (Yes, even locals book this hostel for a short vacation trip. It’s pretty cool!) I found this out when I visited Adler’s facebook page and read the reviews. If the reviews are mostly from your type of crowd, you’re safe and good to go.

4. Atmosphere: It should have a work-friendly area


Most hostels have weekly or monthly parties at the top-most floor of their building. That sounds fun, but I’m not really the type. To be perfectly honest, I find myself most productive at night, so party night for most people is work night for me. Call me boring, but I love my work and I love getting it done on MY ideal time. (one of the benefits of my job). Sometimes I work on my bed but most times I work at cafes or co-working spaces. In this case, Adler’s cafe on the first floor is perfect. There’s a beautifully-designed space and coffeemaker for everyone. It’s like being in a coffice within your hostel.

5. Cleanliness: It should look and feel clean


I don’t know about you but when I see a cluttered lobby or a dirty bathroom my heart breaks a little bit. A well-maintained space is EVERYTHING. It reflects how often the place is cleaned, the quality of the service, and the staff. That’s why hotels are so expensive, they fix your room every single day and replenish toiletries. Hostels may not be hotels but they can provide you with a close-to-5-star-hotel service. That’s my favorite thing about staying in Adler. Since it’s a luxury hostel, it has you with towels, toiletries, and even free breakfast!


Choosing the perfect hostel depends on your personal preference. For me, these are the 5 things I value most as a remote worker and Adler Luxury Hostel fits everything like a glove. It may not be the cheapest option in the market but you get what you pay for as a remote worker– comfort as a resident and as a working individual.

*Disclosure: Adler Luxury Hostel sponsored my 1-day stay with them but all opinions are my own

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