This Sunday I have three articles, one podcast, and one video about: Instagram, the first thing you have to give up when you want to lose weight, working for only 40 hours a week, someone’s journey back to his Jewish roots, and how to stand out at work. I hope this helps you out in your goals.

I’ll work on a theme next week, let me know if you have suggestions in the comments below!

Instagram Created a Monster: A No B.S. Guide to What’s Really Going On

Okay, Instagram’s pretty big for me ’cause you know… that’s basically where I built my branding. Of course, I want to “make it big” there too, so I read about as much as I can. This article from petapixel sorta broke my heart when I discovered that brands look at numbers above all else–regardless of your well-thought out content and good intentions. On the other side, this just pushes me further to be better at what I do and to look for brands who are actually honest. It might take a long time but honestly, I’d take that route a thousand times over.

The first thing to cut out of your diet if you’re trying to lose weight, according to a nutritionist

I’ve been trying to eat healthy for about a month now and it’s paying off pretty well. I feel lighter and less bloated. My goal is to lose all the weight I can this year and lean up next year. I think that’s the most doable for me but I might step it up a notch next month (July) and start cutting out sweetened beverages altogether. Wish me luck!

How To Work Only 40 hours A Week This Year

I always thought working overtime meant working harder, thus being better than the other employees but you know what, it’s time to give credit to the one who clocks in and out on the dot without leaving a task undone and sometimes even doing more than what was asked of them. Managing time is everyone’s daily struggle. If you want to do all the things you’ve been telling yourself to do since last year (like, exercise every day, or have more family time, learn Japanse), it’s about time you MAKE TIME for all of them. Read this article and be enlightened!

Heavyweight Episode #8 Jeremy

For those who have a lot of questions about their faith, this podcast might help you out. You may relate to Jonathan Goldstein’s questions in life and find the light in Jeremy’s answers. In a nutshell, you’ll realize that faith not something you inherit, it’s something you discover on your own. And being a Christian myself, I encourage you to find your safe spot and stick to it–it will help you out in all aspects of your life.

How To Get Noticed at Work – Daryl Black

This is probably the most useful video I’ve watched on Youtube this week. In a nutshell, you will stand out at work if you adhere to these practices: Punctuality, being ready to serve, doing more than what’s required, being a part of the team, and being yourself.  Some may be a cliche already, but there’s truth in them. You might be in denial but this also a good way to find out if you really deserve that promotion you’re eyeing on.

Which of these articles did you find most interesting? What do you want to read about next? Let me know in the comments below!

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