One of social media’s most noble advantages is to connect people from wherever they are. That’s exactly what happened when Samuel Nam and I saw each other’s account on Instagram. He saw my journey to different coffices in Manila and I saw his beautiful photos of cafes he works at in Sydney. We’re both a #cofficehunter! This was very exciting, more so when I found out I met a big shot in the film industry in Sydney. Reading his answers are inspiring, and I’ve never met someone this positive about how film can eventually change the world.

Read more about him, his source of inspiration, and his view towards workspaces here.


Hey Sam, can you please introduce yourself to my readers?

I’m Samuel Nam, 29 years old. I’m a film director, and photographer, an Australian-born Korean and is now based in Sydney. I studied at Newcastle University but I never finished uni. I quit uni after 2 years to start my business.

Was being a film director and photographer your dream job ever since?

My dream is to be a full-time filmmaker for the big screens. I’ve had this dream since 16 (13 years ago).


How was it when you were just starting out? How did you gain people’s trust?

Starting out was hard. I remember making over 200 phone calls a day initially to get prospects, and potential clients for my video business when I was 17. I gained people’s trust organically through sheer passion. People believed in my drive, and purpose for filmmaking. Filmmaking is a tool to change culture, which can ultimately change the world.

I know it can be a bit hard to satisfy the client, where do you get inspiration for your projects?

My previous film has won silver for best film at an international film festival. I believe in God, and know my inspiration comes from Him.


Which project are you most proud of?

The film I am most proud of is the one I’m currently working on: “Hunger”. The shoot is done and currently in the post-production stage. The film is being prepared for Sydney film festival next year.

For you, what makes a great film?

A great film is a film that has been treated with care, preparation, and careful collaboration. A film with great actors, and a good team. I can never take full credit for my work, as it has always been a collaboration with my cast, and crew.


How important is social media, especially Instagram, in your line of work?

Instagram is more of an outlet for me, rather than a business tool. I use it, hoping to inspire other cafe hopping entrepreneurs, or full time working creative professionals.

I really love your photos on @cafeworkspace, can share to us at least 5 of your favorites coffices?

I only post my favorite places, so I’ll leave the top five to you 🙂

For those curious. These are my fave cafe photos from his feed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 


How important is the workspace in your line of work?

The workspace makes a difference. Big windows, a power outlet, and good atmosphere make the best workspace for me.

Does it make you more creative when you’re in a different location?

Yes, and yes. I have about 10 current loyalty coffee cards in my pocket (not wallet).


What do you love most about what you do?

I love putting an idea to paper then seeing the final idea on the screen with people I love. No better reward. I also love walking into a new cafe at 7 am each morning.

What’s your advice to college students and yuppies who aspire to be in your shoes someday?

I’ve been called to speak and mentor high school students at a mentoring conference about my career as a young filmmaker. My advice to them was ‘Start now’.

See Samuel’s work: Samuel Nam TV & Instagram Account: @cafeworkspace for more inspiration

Photos used are all from Samuel Nam’s Instagram Account

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