The number one struggle I have with working from home is when I slack off in crossing out things from my to-do list because I…work from home anyways. “I can do it later” has been my productivity killer. I took advantage of the freedom I had and I just couldn’t stick to my routine! Well, that all changed because I’m committed to a solid work from home routine so I don’t end up working too many hours.

Working from home is great until it gets to a blur. Suddenly, you can’t differentiate work from personal time. I get it, and I’ve been there too many times. I just got out of that blur recently when I committed to a routine. Yeap, it’s all about organization, people! If you want to get out of that rut, here are the things that you should consider when putting together a work from home routine. At the end of this post, I’ll give a complete run through on how I go about my day. I hope you learn from it!

1.Know the perfect time

time slot | What You Need To Know For Your Work From Home Routine

The best thing about having a work from home job is that you have complete control over your work hours. This means you can work your way around or within your personal time. This also means that your work hours doesn’t have to be straight 8-5 thing like how it is in a traditional office set up. For me, I wake up extra early for my meeting(s) so I can talk to my boss who is all the way in LA, and then read emails, take a break, resume work, take a break, and then resume work again.

2. Consider your most productive hours

productive hours | What You Need To Know For Your Work From Home Routine

I write, read, and edit various things on the daily which means I use the left side of my brain most of the time. The thing is, it doesn’t always function that way I want to. I’m at my most creative at night and at my most organized in the morning. With that said, I make sure that I match the tasks that fit in those hours so I can do them all with the best of my abilities

3. Switch things up

switch things up | What You Need To Know For Your Work From Home Routine

I know this is all about routines, but you also need to switch things up if you’re getting tired or burned out with what you currently have. There are just too many factors to consider–things come up, tasks get delayed, and sometimes, you just don’t feel like doing work at certain hours of the day. Switch it up and let loose. Try to come up with a new routine that suits your mood and brain best.

4. Set up your space

work space | What You Need To Know For Your Work From Home Routine

Have a special work desk or work area in your home so you can literally set the mood for work. I know this kind of job is something you can do on your bed, but I don’t suggest you get used to that. You have to set boundaries so you can switch your work mode on and off.

5. Indulge in me times

morning routine | What You Need To Know For Your Work From Home Routine

This is something I highly suggest you do whether you work from home or at a traditional office space. You need to indulge in a pre-work routine or morning routine to pump yourself up. This is when you prepare for work physically and mentally. I’ll go to this in detail next time, but for now, all you need to remember are 3 things: a hearty/healthy breakfast, a bit of light reading, and exercise. Trust me, this will pump you up an get you going for the day.

Here’s my work from home routine

Disclaimer: This is my IDEAL work routine but obviously, I’m not a machine, so I do a bit of changes here and there.
6:30> wake up, wash my face, drink coffee or tea, prepare breakfast

6:45 > eat breakfast land scroll through social media or watch a youtube video

7:15 > read through emails

8:00 > daily touch base meeting

9:oo > write my to-do list for the day, answer emails

10:00 > quick exercise, take a bath

11:00 am > do all important tasks

2 :00 pm > break, prepare and eat lunch, have a productive break, take a power nap

4:00 pm > edit articles

7:00 pm > send EOD (end of day email)

Here are more tips from Youtuber, Ingrid Nielsen, on how you can have a productive day when you work from home,

A work from home job is a real job so you should treat it as one. Commit to this routine and you’ll see results, slowly but surely, on how disciplined and productive you’ve become. Remember to spend your time wisely because you need things to check off your list before the day ends!

Try these tips and tell me how it went for you in the comments below! Have more tips to share? Let me know!

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