The best thing about working-from-home is in the term itself– HOME. There are so many things you can do at home. Clean the house, walk around in your pajamas, cook your favorite dishes, etc. What I wish more remote workers do at home is REST. It’s ironic, right? Working at home tends to create a blur between work and personal life and the home ends up feeling more like an office rather than a place for rest. This is especially true if you’re not proactive in following your work-at-home routine. I have a lot of remote worker friends and they’re one of the most workaholic people I know. This is why I thought of this blog post, ’cause rest is so important!

Here are ways you can rest and de-stress at home, on a budget!

Drink Tea After Work

I wasn’t a huge believer in natural remedies until I tried it myself. It doesn’t work fast but it works through time. It’s also good for precautionary measures.  After a good 8-hour work, get a tea bag of your favorite tea, I suggest Chamomile, Peppermint, or Lavender Tea so you can get a dose of its soothing and relaxing effects.

Try Guided Meditation On Youtube

If you haven’t known by now, Youtube is Godsend. It tells me how to unlock my iPhone when I forget my passcode and what the best lipstick shades are for me. Youtube has everything and I recently discovered that you can also watch and follow guided meditations over there. This is the best guided meditation video I found on Youtube. Give it a go and de-stress your mind!

Create Something, Get Artsy

Even if you think you’re not an artsy person, there’s still something relaxing about creating something. Whether I’m painting, writing in my journal, whipping up a meal, coloring a book, or putting makeup on my face, it never ceases to put me at peace. Maybe it can do the same thing for you, you just have to try it out!

Read A Book Or Listen To A Or Podcast

Nothing relaxes me more than reading or listening to an audiobook or podcast. I get to learn and de-stress at the same time. Plus, it’s free! My favorite podcasts are This Amercian Life, Girlboss Radio, Grammar Girl, and 2 Dope Girls. For books, I’m currently reading Option B by Sheryl Sandberg but I suggest you re-read your personal faves (Harry Potter, is always a good idea!)

Take A Long Bath

Anything that involves water relaxes me. If you live in a place with a swimming pool, go ahead and take a dip. However, if you’re not near one, then just take a long bath and lengthen your usual skincare and haircare routine. The bathroom can be your sanctuary! Heat water up, use the body scrub, create a DIY hair treatment, put on a face mask, etc. You’ll find yourself clean, de-stress, and fulfilled right after.

Invite Friends Over

If you don’t want to go out, ask your friends or family to come over. Prepare a simple meal (or order food online?) and enjoy a good conversation. This works best if you need advice over a few challenges you’re currently facing. It’s also nice to catch-up offline (not just online) every once in a while.

Get Your #SleepGoals On

Since remote workers sometimes work at the wee hours of the night, the best way to de-stress is to get a good night’s (or day’s) sleep. Sounds easy, right? No. Especially when you’re on your period. Some pads are just too icky and they leak! My advice is for you to give Whisper’s Cottony X-Long Overnights so you can sleep the night away without worrying about skin irritation and stains. All thanks to Whisper’s softer, longer, wider and 5x more absorbent pads.

At the end of the day, you want to take control of your time and set aside time for rest. Working from home will only be convenient if you don’t let it take over your time. Let these suggestions help you out in de-stressing and detaching yourself from the troubles of work. Good luck!

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There are more things you can do in the comfort of your own home! If you have suggestions, let me know in the comments below!

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