As most of my featured girlbosses here in my blog, Roxci and I go way back. We were second year high school students who belonged in the same section and eventually became part of a group. We had lunch breaks together, went to the same school activities, were tablemates during Prom, and yes, we went to the same parties. When high school ended, we went to different colleges (although still neighbor schools haha!) and slowly drifted apart.

Thankfully, we stayed connected via Facebook and talked to each other again in 2016 because of makeup. Haha! It was a bit nerve-wracking for me to rekindle our friendship after all those years. When we met again I was shocked to find out that she was married, and since her husband works in the Navy, she was in a long-distance relationship. I have no experience in that kind of set-up but seeing her doing her thing with her job, her blog, and her passion projects, made me realize how blessed I am to be a friend of such a strong woman–thus this blog post!

I hope you learn about travel, being a remote worker, and handling a long-distance relationship from Roxci in this interview.

Basic info

Name: Roxci Vergara

Profession: Writer, LDR Guru, and a Clowning Around MNL Talent 

Education: ADMU Interdisciplinary Studies

Home Country: Philippines, but grew up in Singapore

What she’s currently busy with: her wedding, blog, writing job, and being a Disney Princess on weekends 

What’s your career story?

In high school, I always wanted to be in advertising. I made a life plan to make it happen and after graduating from college I immediately worked at an Ad agency. After a few companies and job titles, I got tired of the whole corporate world. I realized that advertising wasn’t for me and went into a downward spiral. When a new job opportunity came up, I thought I was going to be happy working again. Especially because I was going to be on the client side, but I still quit. With no plan but to spend some time with my husband in the US. It was in those 3 months that I realized what I truly wanted–to write and share my story.

The time I spent in the US with my husband was also the time I spent thinking about what I can do. I realized I wanted to go back to my roots in the arts (writing and performing). I made it happen through my blog (with a clearer direction) and with Clowning Around MNL.

Were there things you wanted to change?

I was a bit conscious of job titles and my reputation when I was in college, but the real world taught me it’s just a facade. At the end of the day you’re serving someone else. I wish I knew that earlier on.

How did Signed by Roxci start?

My blog is now 5 years old. It has gone through different platforms and different types of content/branding.  It was first and foremost a food blog, which was very ironic because I didn’t like my relationship with food–I don’t eat a lot. I paused blogging a bit after that and went back (after my trip to America) to be more honest. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write about specifically but I knew I wanted to tell a story. Everyone can write but not everyone can tell a story.

Now my blog is about my LDR life. I share my struggles and how alone I felt in all of this. It resonated with a lot of people who are currently in an LDR relationship and I’ve been getting emails that my blog posts help them a lot. That was such a huge validation and win for me, all I want is to help people through my blog.  

Did you have any doubts as you entered your new life?

I’m strong-willed and independent. I always wanted my own money BUT I realized I can actually do MORE things now that I’m a remote worker. My life is flexible now! It made me hustle more. 

How do you write about such a sensitive topic (relationships) Where do you get your content ideas?

I start with “what would’ve been helpful to me before”.  I also get ideas from people who DM me on Instagram. I use their stories, questions, and feedback to help me write something that would be helpful for them.

How do you balance everything out? 

I write for my blog and for my clients. Mornings are for my clients, evenings are for my blog, because at night I’m more honest

What do you do when writer’s block comes around?

If the deadline is within the day, I shower or take an 8-min. 8 minutes is the magic number when it comes to power naps. Apparently, 10 mins is too long for your body and will make you fell sluggish when you wake up. 

If I have a few more days. I go out, or read other bloggers’ blogs, or just you know, force it out of myself.

What’s the best and worst thing about traveling with your husband?

Best: The fact that I get to be with him and experience new things with him. There’s always a sense of wonder. Like a first date but with a sense of familiarity. We never get bored. 

Worst: Parting ways, always.

What’s the best and worst thing about working and traveling at the same time?

Best: I can work anywhere and anytime I want.

Worst: Fighting jet lags and long layovers. However, I make the most out of my spare time, so I can go around the long layover issues. There’s also the hard-to-beat vacation mindset right after a long travel. It’s hard to overcome if you don’t have the discipline.

What do your loved ones think about your job and lifestyle as a remote worker and blogger?

My mom got scared when I quit BUT she saw that I was always happy and I was home a lot, they realized that I found a good fit. They know I’m busy! My husband was very supportive from the get-go.

What’s the hardest thing about being a working military wife?

I don’t like the idea having limited options. Like for jobs–why would a company invest in me if I’m leaving in 3 months? That’s why the freelance set-up works for me. Another thing: PARANOIA. Of course, there’s always THAT possibility but I try to stay positive. 

What do you do when your work and your personal life clashes?

I always chose PERSONAL. There will always be another job. There will always be a better one

What’s next for you and your brand?

Our church wedding and the upcoming move.

Boss Tips

Best way to battle Monday blues?

I give myself a no-think-time. Watch Netflix, iFlix, get inspired. .

1 productivity hack

Write a to-do list before you sleep.

Tips for aspiring remote workers

It’s better to practice certain things, hone your craft! Once you have a firm grasp that’s when you can know what you want to do. Also, always bring a charger!

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