I lived in Marikina most my childhood in high school days. It was only during Ondoy in 2009, the flood that literally sunk Marikina and other cities in Manila down, that we left to find a safer abode. But the charm of Marikina still lives on in my head. It’s the cleanest city and it has a growing number of cafes and restaurants (non-commercial), which really lures me in because you know…#cofficehunter. I also admire how many activity centers and museum there is in Marikina. Cue in the Book Museum cum Ethnology Center along Dao St., a gem within the quiet city.

The Book Museum cum Ethnology Center was founded in 2013 and features the vast personal collection of the President of Rex Group of Companies—Atty. Dominador Buhain. As a traveler, Atty. Buhain has collected items from over 200 countries and islands he has visited. The logo of the museum reflects the lifestyle of Atty. Buhain as a wanderer who chooses to share his journey through his priceless collection. From books to artifacts, the Book cum Ethnology Center houses a combination of local and international collectibles which highlights the culture of a city or a country.

Basically the Museum and Ethnology Center is the fruit of Atty. Buhain’s “labor” (aka travels), since he has traveled pretty much everywhere in the world. Here are highlights of the place that I really loved!

Small books, including the smallest book in the world “The Lord’s Prayer”

Old Renditions of My Favorite Books

Northern & Southern Region Artifacts

Other International-Quality Artifacts

James Dean Cafe

It was an enlightening experience. I think I need to go to similar places like this more often. I’m heavily influenced by Western media (’cause of the nature of my job) so regular visits to museums like this would be a good way to refresh my memory of our culture. Also, whenever I #coffice in Marikina, it would be lovely to reward myself with a visit to the museum after hours of long work!

Thank you to Jorz Virtucio for inviting me, you’re awesome! Know more about The Book Museum cum Ethnology Center by following their page on Facebook. 

Have you been to this place? Do you have more Marikina “gems” I have yet to discover? Let me know in the comments below!

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