I’m a self-confessed “online tools girl.”

“Can I make GIFs online?” I know a tool.

“Where do I find the trending articles?” I know where you can find them.

“How do I order at this restaurant online?” Here’s the link.

“Can I get my car fixed from home?” Yes, you can through this website!

So this is me sharing one of my favorite life tools to help you out in daily life.

Beep Beep PH: Auto Repair Directory

Beep beep is the car service website you never thought you needed. Here’s why it matters: there are too many cars in Manila but not a lot of service auto houses and talyers. Not to mention, and this surprised me a whole lot, the government doesn’t offer 24/7 roadside assistance. Beep beep is your knight in shining armor when you need your car fixed, you need someone to help you in the middle of the road, and if you just don’t want to be bothered in driving all the way to and from a shop just to buy parts.

Waze: Fastest Routes

If you don’t have Waze then how are you even surviving Manila traffic? For those who don’t know this yet, Waze shows you the best route so you can reach your destination faster. Another feature I love about it is to when I get to share my trip to someone who also has Waze–so he/she can track my movement. This is perfect for safety reason!

AC Currency Exchange: Exchange Currencies Online

Money changers? Naaaaah. I’ll just go to my AC Currency contact, ask for their exchange rates, pay online (hello online funds transfer) and wait for my money in my bank account. This is perfect when I have to travel to another country or when I need to pay in another currency. Plus, they have the BEST RATES. Like seriously, banks and other money changers charge so much I don’t even know why we put up with it!

Honest Bee: Groceries & Food Delivery

I live alone and going to the grocery, even if I looove doing it, is still a chore for me. With honestbee, I can get all my grocery needs within an hour. They also have other partner stores that carry the rare items like vegan options, deli, and even baby products. I can’t rave about them enough!

Zomato: Restaurants’ Menu, Location, Prices, Reviews

I’ve been relying on Zomato since…forever. It’s where I get legit reviews from actual foodies aaaand it’s where I can search the nearest restaurant in a certain area. Plus, plus, pluuus, I can filter the options and see which cafes have wifi :>

Planoly: Instagram Scheduler

The best way to see how your Instagram feed looks like, rearrange them, schedule them, schedule IG story posts, discover and repost posts that are under a certain hashtag is via Planoly.

Coffitivity: Cafe Background Music Online

When I’m not working at a cafe, which is like 60% of the time, I’m working at home with the vibe of a cafe. My secret? Coffitivity, it gives that “white noise” cafes have. It’s not music, it’s more like background cafe noise that has been proven to increase productivity.

Paymaya: Online Debit/Credit Card

Online shopping is pretty hard when you don’t have a credit card. I’m personally against it because I friggin’ despise debt, but I knew I needed to have one for online shopping. Cue in Paymaya who gives you all the credit card details you need for an online purchase with the “debt” factor because it’s reloadable.

Reddit: Forums

Need to know about the best window-type air conditioners in the Philippines? How about the reviews on a certain beauty supplement? Tax questions. Reddit has answers for you. It’s basically a forum that curates answers from actual people, including experts, so you have reliable answers to your burning question.

Shopback: Cash Rebates, Promos, Discounts

Shopback rewards you with cashbacks and discounts if you shop in their partner establishments. It’s a great way to save a few bucks without the hassle of scouring the net through discount codes. Also, it’s chrome plugin, so it automatically detects if it has discount available if you’re shopping in their partner establishments such as Lazada, Zalora, Sephora, Etc.

Skyscanner: Cheap Flights

I’m a reaaaallly cheap traveler, which means I’m always after the cheapest rates, routes, and airlines. Skyscanner helps me with that. It even notifies me if it has a cheap flight in the area and travel date I’m eyeing on.

I’m not paid to mention these brands. I wish I was, but this is my honest opinion because I really believe in their brands. The best businesses are those that solve problems and think this is THE LIST of brands that genuinely help us out. Expect me to add more to this list!

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