The heat during summertime in The Philippines (actually, any season, but especially during Summer) is such a productivity-sucker. The heat makes you feel lazy, makes you want to fall right asleep on the bed you see in your peripheral vision because hey, you work from home, you can do it later. NO. You can’t succumb to the heat. Time wasted is money wasted, so make sure you spend it wisely!

Crush your work even at home with these tips and hacks!

Communicate with your client/colleague

Working from home might tempt you to stay silent while during the work. But trust me, this won’t help you out. It’s bad service. Communicating with your client or teammate is like telling an accountability partner your progress. This adds pressure to do your work, but the good kind.  This way, you have someone “watching over” your deliverables. You can set expectations and meet them.

Set a start and end time

Treat your work-at-home job like a work-at-office job and STICK TO IT. Start in the morning, the earlier the better, and end at 5 or 6pm. Don’t cheat yourself!

Don’t fight it

Okay, I take it back. You can succumb to the heat if and only if you physically can’t take it. Make sure you’ll have a good quality break time. Rest your mind for a while so you get a boost of energy and brain juice. Also, remember to set an alarm to remind you to get back up and do your work.

Treat yourself after finishing hard tasks

As from the deadline being the best motivator, little rewards to yourself can also help you finish your work faster. Little rewards can be a bar of chocolate, an episode of the series you’ve been dying to watch, a play time break with your kid, or 15 minutes on social media.

Know when to multitask

I was once a multitasker until I realized that the quality of my work was sacrificed just to finish things faster. The thing is, multitasking works, but you have to make sure it’s the right task to multitask to. Get it? As a writer, if I’m writing an article, I focus on one article. Writing 2 at the same time is counterproductive. However, when I have to do admin tasks, that’s when I know multitasking can be done. So, for me at least, the general rule is: if the task doesn’t require creative juices I can multitask.

Clean up your space

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. It may not always be true for every person, but seeing a space clean with everything in its place is a good sight to see and good space to be in when you’re working. Remember to clean up before and after work you get (mentally) pumped up to do the work.

Just add water

The oldest trick in the book–take a bath! Nothing awakens the senses better than a cold shower or a full-on bath. Make sure you don’t forget to treat your hair with Creamsilk’s Fresh Hydration Conditioner, it will literally hydrate it and keep it healthy during those extra days. You can also stay hydrated internally with cold water with a slice of lemon in it. The lemon adds the zing to keep you awake.

Those are my tips. Let me know if you have more hacks or tips, share them in the comments below!

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