by Sanne Barlaan

We all know that the path to being a girl boss is not easy. You have to constantly improve yourself to achieve all your goals, and most times, you have to operate alone. But any superhero can’t save the world without their powers, so why should you work without any support?

We’ve compiled a list of accessories that can help you be the absolute girl boss we know you are.

A No-nonsense Power Outfit

You know how wearing pajamas all-day long kills your work at home routine? It’s probably because your clothes have an effect on your disposition. Try wearing an outfit that makes you feel powerful yet comfortable and the boss in you will definitely come out in no time. If you’re so inclined (unfortunately, a klutz like me is not), you can even finish off your outfit with killer heels that scream confidence.

A Bag For All Your Essentials

Being a girl boss means being ready with whatever you need – be it for a class, a meeting, or a presentation. Take a cue from our beloved titas and bring a bag big enough to carry your essentials. It doesn’t have to be a tita bag, it can ba cool back pack that fits your laptop or a super stylish satchel. 

Your Learning Material of Choice

A true girl boss is someone who’s always eager to learn and apply her learnings. Of course, you can’t do this without your trusty sources of knowledge. We have the privilege of living in a time where information is available with just one click, so take advantage of free learning courses and inspirational videos online! Being on #TeamAnalog works too if you’re more productive when reading books and writing on paper.

Your Fuel

In this time and age, it’s rare to scroll through Instagram and not see a single photo of your friends’ mouth-watering food and coffee. Who can blame them? After all, girl bosses work best when they’re well-fed. Don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee (or tea) from your favorite #coffice before your big meeting/presentation to get the boost you need to slay whatever it is you’re working on.

Strong and Healthy Hair

If you’re not a remote worker, you probably commute to the office every day and get exposed to the polluted Manila air. Effects of pollution are something everyone is familiar with – it leaves you harried and stressed, which is not a good look when you’re trying to be a girl boss. But did you know that pollution can also make your hair rough and prone to breakage? The best way to keep your hair healthy is by using a shampoo and conditioner that protects your hair from pollution and repairs damage already caused by it. We highly recommend using Pantene’s Hair Fall Control Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner to make sure you have healthy and strong hair that will definitely help you feel like the total girl boss that you are.


As a girl boss, you probably already know which accessories you need to be on top of your game. Our suggestions should bless you with girl boss vibes, but when all’s said and done, your girl boss level still depends on a little of positivity and a whole lot of hustle. Got for it, girl!


Got a girlboss accessory that’s the secret to your success? Let us know in the comments!

*all photos are from my Instagram account

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