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About & FAQs


Coffice Hunter/ tinadvincula.com is a blog owned by Tin Advincula, a work-at-home Editorial Manager by day, Blogger by night, #cofficehunter 24/7.

As most blog owners are, she’s a 90’s kid who has been blogging since 2010. She finished her Creative Writing Degree in U.P. Diliman but has also studied numerous short courses online and overseas.

As such, she’s a hodgepodge of things but is mostly geared towards helping her co-cofficemates while making her dreams come true right in the comfort of her chosen workspace–wherever it is.

She wants this blog to be the go-to work-at-home blog for Millennials–something people would actually read and get takeaways from. If you like this blog, subscribe and go along its journey. 

If you like this blog, subscribe, follow, and be part of the community! 


Hey, I’m a cool person who works remotely too, can you please feature me? Let’s have coffee, my treat!

I’m a sucker for meeting people with the same nature of work! If you think what you do will help other people out. Send me an email at tinadvincula@gmail.com with the subject “Feature”. Tell me something about yourself, why should people get to know you, and the proposed date of our #coffice interview.

I think you’ll really like my products/service/business, would you like to check it out? Let’s collaborate!

As Barney from “How I Met Your Mother” said, “New is always better”. Of course, he was proven wrong in some cases but in most cases, it’s true. Our generation lives off from new things, fresh events, and out-of-the-box ideas. Send me an email at tinadvincula@gmail.com with the subject “Collab”. Send your proposal in advance and hopefully, we can work something out!


Can you please join us in our event?

I clean up pretty well. So yeah, sure! Send me an email at tinadvincula@gmail.com with the subject “Invite”.  Please send it at least a week before the event, like any Millennial, my schedule fills up pretty quickly.


Heyyyy, I really want to learn from you and work with you! Are you hiring, accepting interns, or willing to be my mentor?

I looooove helping people out! Send me an email at tinadvincula@gmail.com with the subject “Heyyyy”. (Yes, with four ys.) Tell me about yourself, what you do, what you’d like to learn. If I think I can help you out, let’s meet up!

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